The CP 30 Day Photo Challenge

Hi Friends! Happy 2018.

I hope you all had the best close out to a year that was no doubt filled with ups and downs (as they always are), and most importantly — personal growth.  I’ve been doing so much thinking about what it is that I’m putting out into the world, and this year was so heavy on reflection.  As it turns out, my passion lies not only in photographing amazing people, but being given the opportunity to teach and (hopefully) inspire other aspiring photographers and artists.

For those of you who have been following along with this blog for a while, you know that I refer to it as my “recovery mode” — a corner of the internet where I can get honest and real with all of you on life struggles, how I’m fixing them, and how I’m learning how to slow down and take in each moment once and for all. No more rushing, no more chaos — just life in it’s simplest form.  It’s taken on a different life this year, and it’s started becoming more of a community. A place where we can all come together and unite to create our best lives.

This got me thinking — what if I could do that within my photography community?  I’m applying this way of living to all areas of life; be it personal or work.

That’s what I want my photography business to be all about. Creating mindful imagery centered around real life scenarios — people living out their daily routines with one another, small business owners living out their aspirations, content creators trying to put their positive influence out in the world, artists putting energy into recognizing their gifts, Mother Nature just doing her thing – day in and day out.

I also want this to be a space that inspires you to create and think outside of the box. Getting stuck is unfortunately a reoccurance that all creatives fall into here and there (think: writers and writer’s block!)

So with that being said, I created a 30 DAY PHOTO CHALLENGE that I’m so (SO) excited about!

You can start it whenever is right for you (allow me to remind you that the hardest part is beginning — so if you can get away with starting today, even better!)  Lets use this as an opportunity to challenge ourselves as photographers — to look past the mundane.

Below is your FREE copy of the 30 DAY PHOTO CHALLENGE sheet. Just one photograph per day — that’s it.  Be sure to tag #CP30CHALLENGE whenever you post on Instagram so I can follow along and feature some of your work on my stories.  xx