About The Calm Collective

About the Calm Collective: Cassandra Eldridge of The Calm Collective

Hi guys! My name is Cassandra (or Cassie to the less formal) and I’m so glad you’re here.

I’m a firm believer that a s’more (or five), a tight hug, and eight hours of sleep can fix just about anything. I have a passion for creating a calm and simple lifestyle centered around all of the things that I love, and letting go of that which is not meant for me. With this blog, my goal is to create a space that helps all of us to release the “more is more” mentality, ditch impulse spending once and for all, and to learn to love what we already have – and believe that it’s enough. (because it is)

“I have what I have, and I am happy. I’ve lost what I’ve lost, and I am



– Milk & Honey

It’s not easy – it takes a lot of work to retrain your thoughts and create a new, more balanced life. But together we can help encourage one another to be our best selves, and most important, live our best (and only) life.  Come hang out with me on social media to stay in the loop, to gain inspiration, and to see what I’m up to. Can’t wait to see you there. x

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