TCC Podcast Episode 06: How I Saw My Dad After He Died

The Calm Collective Podcast Episode 06 - How I Saw My Dad After He Died

Hi loves! I’m back after 3 weeks away from launching another Podcast, and while my initial plan (that I talked about in Episode 01) was to do 1 a month after I started getting going, I’m feeling like I’m not going to be able to wait that long between episodes. I love this platform so much, so while I’m still working out a somewhat consistent schedule, you can expect more than just one a month moving forward, if the stars should align that way.  I also went ahead and tweaked my intro, because I was feeling so “meh” about the first one, so… yay.

This episode is a super personal one that I actually debated sharing for quite some time.  It took me a while to even open up to my closest family and friends about this experience, because I was fearful that sharing it would devalue what had happened.  But that was the fear talking, and during a meditation practice, I felt this intense pull to share it here on the Podcast, as well as on the blog.  Since not everyone is into Podcasting, you can expect to see the blog post show up a week or so after this – so just a heads up as not to confuse any of you :)

While the title is super catchy, it isn’t meant to be.

It’s just the truth of what happened.

My hope is that by sharing my vulnerability and experience, those of you who are looking for healing, guidance, or some comfort in the grieving process will resonate with this and maybe even find a new avenue that works for you. I so hope that it does.

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The Calm Collective Podcast Episode 06 - How I Saw My Dad After He Died
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