How To Create Organic Movements In Your Photo Shoots

1. Set your clients up to understand what you’re looking for.

Before every shoot, I make sure that my clients understand my style of shooting.  I set it up as 75% movement, 25% still shots.  Once we’ve started the session, they’re aware of what I’m looking for from them, and don’t anticipate standing around too much – waiting for direction.  They’re relaxed and far less tense than if they were standing still.

2. Play music.

Having music playing during my sessions is key. Not only are you way more likely to have spontaneous dance parties commence (the best), but just as I stated above, it helps to relax the clients ten-fold.

3. Keep them reassured.

More often than not, the ladies who are being photographed are incredibly worried about their hair blowing in the wind or their dress making too much fuss.  I make sure to reassure them throughout the entirety of the shoot, letting them know that their hair blowing in the wind is actually quite magical. And their dress blowing in four different directions is adding so much life to the still image.  Keep them confident by giving them the truth.