10 Things I Do Every Sunday

10 Things To Do On a Sunday To Prepare You For The Week - The Calm Collective

Because of the nature of my work as a full time freelance photographer and running this blog and the podcast, I’ve never really had the “Sunday Scaries”. Mondays to me are all about easing into the week, maybe running a few errands at off-times to beat the crowds, and sitting down to write content, as I’m generally feeling refreshed from the weekend.  This is due to how I’ve started treating my Sundays (a day for restorative habits), and the boundaries that I’ve put in place to make it sacred. Gone (for the most part) are the day of boozy brunches and elaborate plans — rather this is the day I take at a super slow pace. I do the things that feel nourishing and reviving, and leave the rest by the wayside.

This, like everything, can ebb and flow. One weekend I might be traveling, but I still try to sneak at least a few of these habits in there to keep me grounded. Also, a fun experience might arise that feels good to lean into (such as going to try a new workout class, going out to lunch with friends at a new restaurant in the city, going to see my friends and family who don’t live downtown, etc)

The point with anything in life is never to be too rigid. Give yourself space within your routine and listen to your mind, body and soul. She knows what’s best for you — and below, I’m sharing what’s been best for me as of late.

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The 10 Things I Do Every Sunday

Create a To-Do List

I’m a list girl and I always have been. Writing in any form is the surefire way for me to empty my brain of mindless thoughts or tedious to-dos, so while I create a to-do list every day, Sunday is my long one. This is where I let everything I could possibly need to do for the week live on paper, and then little by little, I narrow them down into specific days and prioritize by importance.

Go grocery shopping

I used to wait to do this on Mondays, but since I’ve started working at Nate Berkus a couple of times during the week, it feels better to have it done on Sunday so I can meal prep (see below!) Plus I love going into the week knowing that my fridge is stocked with healthy options, and I can get the day started on the write foot. I generally go to Trader Joe’s, and will make a pit stop at Whole Foods for items that are 365 brand specific.


This is probably no surprise to any of you, but even though I live a fairly minimalistic (I prefer simple) lifestyle, I can always find things to declutter and Sunday is my favorite day to do it. I usually put on a podcast or some really good music through my bluetooth speaker and go room by room and declutter items that have either made their way into my home from the previous week, or find things that I haven’t paid attention to for quite some time and figure out what I want to do with it (donate, sell, etc). It’s one of my favorite practices to do as I find it to be incredibly therapeutic.

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Meal prep

I take a super simple approach to meal prepping (I have some friends who it takes them 12 hours to meal prep on a Sunday! What?!). I’ll always write out a list before going to the store (I usually figure out what I want to eat for the week by looking through this) and then organizing it by lunch/dinner and by day.  I’ll also do this for snacks, too. Since I’m usually home throughout majority fo the week, it’s helped me be more mindful for when I’m in my grazing snacking moods.

Go through my closet

Much like decluttering, I love going through my closet and getting a feel for what I might want to wear for the upcoming week. I’ll check the weather, tune into my vibe, and start pulling out looks and hang them on a rack that I have. This makes getting dressed SO much easier throughout the week (and it inspires me to get dressed when I’m working from home!) It’s also served as a really good practice for me to not shop as much, because I’m visiting and sifting through my clothes each week and am reminded of the items that I DO own and love.

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Do laundry (and change my sheets)

Now that I have in unit laundry again (PRAISE BE), the act of doing laundry on a Sunday is so relaxing to me. I’ve even grown out of hating to put clothes away (as again, it feels like I’m getting things in order and ready for the week ahead). But my favorite thing about Sunday laundry? Fresh towels and sheets. Few things beat climbing into bed on a Sunday night to warm sheets out of the drier.

Look at my budget

Another practice I love doing on a Sunday: tuning into my budget. This used to be something I dreaded, but now working on my budget is something that’s become really, really healing for me. It’s motivating, encouraging, and has taught me a LOT about my habits and where I can improve regarding to my spending. It’s all about being self aware and refusing to live on auto pilot, and taking accountability for the kind of life I want to be creating for myself. The habit of checking in weekly also makes it FAR less overwhelming than if you were to do it just once a month.

Take an epsom salt bath

Before bed, I love taking a loaded epsom salt bath (I usually add 2 cups of any lavender salts). While I’ll bring my phone in sometimes and pin things on Pinterest (another thing I love to do as it fills me up with so much inspiration), it can also feel really good to be screen free, so I’ll either bring in a book, or just listen to music.

Silk'n Not Shaven


I belong to a studio in the West Loop (which is a little bit of a trek for me these days), but will try to make it to a class when I can. If it doesn’t feel good to do so or I’m really just wanting to stay home, I’ll do restorative yoga poses in my living room and stretch out my body with a really good, flowy playlist. It feels AMAZING to do this right after my epsom salt bath, and before I climb into bed (with my fresh sheets!)

Extensive skincare routine

I absolutely love the act of a good, thoughtful skincare routine. I’ve never been someone who dreads washing their face or getting ready for bed (or for the day). Aside from my morning coffee, it’s something I really look forward to. I’m working on an updated post for my morning and night time routine, but the cliff notes is that I wash my face with a gentle cleanser, and every other day I’ll use exfoliating peel pads. Then I use a restorative serum, followed by some eye cream and since it’s winter and my skin tends to dry up, I’ll use a pump of my favorite Everyday Oil and a pump of the most hydrating body lotion in the entire world. I’ll also add this all over my body (both the Everyday Oil and the lotion), and then I apply lavender essential oil to my temples and to the bottoms of my feet (it absorbs faster into your body that way and it helps with restful sleep).

So there you have it!

The 10 restorative habits that I do every single Sunday to reset and get myself ready for the week ahead :)

I hope some of these inspire you to let go of dreading your Sundays, and instead treating them as a means of being so, so good to yourself.

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