A Simple Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: For Her

The 2020 Valentine's Day Gift Guide For Her - The Calm Collective

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Good morning! How’s your February thus far? There’s something about this month that I really, really love.. the pressure is off from January, we’re inching closer and closer to Spring, it’s a shorter month and well, I don’t know – it just has a sweet feel to it. While I’m not HUGE into Valentine’s Day, I’ve separated myself from any and all judgement around it and instead decide to embrace it in ways that feel good to me. Sending cute cards to my friends, a little care package to my nieces and nephews, a gift for my mom and my sisters, and something small and sentimental for the person I’m seeing.

Valentine’s Day can 100% be what we make of it. It does not, by any means, have to involve getting dressed up to join 90% of the population out at a fancy restaurant. Instead, you can stay home in your pajamas and build a fort, order take out and watch movies on a projector (speaking of which, I want this so bad!)

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Since it’s only a mere two weeks away, I’ve put together yet another gift guide for HER and for HIM (but we’ll start with the ladies..) Whether you’re hinting to your partner something you’ve been eyeing from this list, you want to pick up something sweet for your mom, sister, best friends, cousins.. I’ve got you covered. And just about everything ships within 2 days and all of them allow for free returns. So let’s jump in.

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So there you have it – the 2020 Valentine’s Day Gift Guide For Her. I hope it’s helpful if any of you felt stuck on what to get any of the women in your life, or hey.. maybe you found something for yourself (I bought myself the gold hoops!) You an also check out past gift guides for Valentine’s Day here – though keep in mind some of the things may no longer be in stock).


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