A Simple Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: For Him

The 2020 Valentine's Day Gift Guide For Him - The Calm Collective

Happy Wednesday! As promised, I’m sharing a simple yet thoughtful Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for the men in your life. One thing I always want to remind people is that gift giving doesn’t have to be this grand gesture. One of my best tips is that whether you’re dating someone new, or you’ve been together forever, take notes throughout conversations that you have with them – what they’re into at the moment, things they’ve been eyeing, subjects they’re taking an interest in, textures they’ve been gravitating towards with clothes, drinks they’ve been consuming, etc.  That way, when it’s time to give a gift, it has that much more meaning.

This is the sweet spot of gift giving – this is when it can really strike a cord and be meaningful, rather than just coming off as something you’re “supposed to do” in today’s culture.

Gift giving is an art, and I hope that one of these items below can help guide you or spark an idea, should this be something you’re wanting to do this season. x

All items are clickable! 

So there you have it – the 2020 Gift Guide for the men in your life :) You can check out the Gift Guide for Her that went live on Monday right here, or you can simply view the clickable image below!

For Her


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