3 Reasons To Start Using Organic Argan Oil

3 Reasons To Use Argan Oil - The Calm Collective

Hi from Chicago!  I’ve been back in the city visiting friends, tackling some work meetings and shoots, and oh yeah… the biggest reason I’m in town – finding a place to live ;) I’m officially returning back to the city at the end of this month and I could not feel more energized and excited about my decision.  I spent the better part of yesterday running all around the loop/west loop area, and landed up on the perfect sized loft placed in a perfect location for my lifestyle. You all know I’ll share the before and afters and give you a little tour once I’m settled – so stay tuned!

Speaking of Chicago in February – my skin went into total shock the first few days I arrived. After being in the South Florida humidity for so long, my cuticles, hair and skin went into a total frenzy and dried the F out. That’s where this little weapon comes in.


For those of you who may not be familiar – argan 0il is a plant oil produced from the kernels of argan trees. It’s recently been used for cosmetic purposes to heal irritated skin (acne, burns, dryness, etc), as well as dry hair. So you see where I’m going with this, right?  I had never given much thought to the product, and was intrigued when Actually Organic sent me this 1 fluid ounce bottle to try.

Consensus? I’m addicted. I bring it with me everywhere.  Below are the top 3 reasons I recommend the healing oil, and how it’s completely changed my skin over the course of a month.

3 Reasons To Use Argan Oil - The Calm Collective

How is Argan Oil Used?


So many people get nervous to use oils on their skin for fear of breaking out.  This can be true if your skin is already super oily, but if you have normal to dry skin – don’t fret. You’re totally safe here.  I use it religiously all over my face – a light layer in the morning before my makeup, and a heavier application at night after I’ve washed my face.  You can also use it all over your body – which I do when I’m traveling (like right now)  I’ve brought it into the shower with me to apply as an in shower “lotion” – but just make sure you don’t rinse it off.  Rub in a good amount, let the steam help soak it into your skin, and then simply wipe it off with your towel. You (and others) might be mind blown as to how soft you are, so fair warning.


This has been one of the biggest game changers for me, personally. My cuticles are super sensitive and tend to dry out super quick, so I’m always having to apply some sort of a nail cuticle oil at least 3 times a day.  But since using argan oil for this purpose, I’m down to once a day.  I do it each night before I go to bed (lather a really thick layer into my cuticles and nail beds) and let it dry while I watch some TV or read. Make sure you don’t need to wash your hands for any reason once you’ve applied it.  My nails look almost spa-like when I wake up in the morning.


This is probably the only one that freaked me out – mainly because the last time I used oil in my hair it was a DISASTER. Let me paint you a picture.  I thought putting baby oil in my hair would be the best solution for ridding it of product build up. Spoiler alert: IT’S NOT. Stick with clarifying shampoo and call it a day.  My hair was so gross, and I wore a hat for about 7 days. I had to actually go to a salon and have them do a special treatment to get it out of my hair. Ha!  Terrible.

But, argan oil had a completely different effect, and I also avoided my roots entirely. A few pumps to the finger tips and massage the ends of your hair with the oil. You can either put your hair in a braid or up in a top knot while you sleep, and rinse it out in the morning.  I actually have that on the agenda for tonight ;)  You can also use it as a heat protector before applying a blow dryer or curling iron to your locks. Just apply a light layer to your hair before styling. (also great for taming fly-aways)

And don’t worry – it’s 100% safe should you get some in your mouth. Actually Organic never adds fragrance. Non- synthetic and it’s free of preservatives and lacks harmful chemicals.  Just the way I like my beauty products.

3 Reasons To Use Argan Oil - The Calm Collective

Thank you to Actually Organic for partnering with me on this post! All thoughts and opinions are my own.


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