3 Ways To Add More Calm To Your Every Day

How To Add More Calm To Your Every Day - The Calm Collective

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Life moves so insanely fast. There are some days where I’m pondering how in the hell we’re almost at the end of another year, and some days where I feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day. Fortunately, that feeling has shown it’s face less and less the more I practice and focus on being mindful and in the moment.  My days are far more fulfilled then they used to be, but I’m only human. I still have moments where I feel like I can’t keep up, like the world is spinning just a bit too quickly, and old patterns and anxious tendencies are doing their best to take over and win out.

If you’re someone who’s just getting started on slowing down and wanting to make positive changes to your life, or if you’re someone who feels overwhelmed at the thought of taking this on – I hear you and I can absolutely relate. I felt that way, too. In fact, for someone who has impulsive tendencies, this lifestyle change took some convincing.   So I want to offer you 3 simple tools that can majorly transform your day to day, and offer immediate results.  I feel confident that if you implement these things in your life for the next 21 days, you’ll not only feel better but you’ll feel motivated to do more – to keep flowing with a slower pace.

How To Add More Calm To Your Every Day - The Calm Collective


Here are 3 simple ways to add more calm into your life:

Use a diffuser paired with lavender oil

The health benefits of lavender essential oil run long, but it’s known for it’s ability to eliminate nervous tension, relieve pain, enhance blood circulation and treat respiratory problems.  I’ve been using lavender oil for as long as I can remember. I use it on my temples before I go to bed, as well a the bottoms of my feet.  It’s also the first thing I add to my beloved diffuser if I know I’m going to have a particular busy day working from home, if I’ve got some underlying stress, or as a preventitive – to help keep me in my calm state of mind.  I also love putting a few drops of the oil in the shower where the water hits the tile floor. This diffuser is my favorite, but here are a few others that are highly recommended as well.

Make changes to your bedroom

Your bedroom should absolutely, without a doubt be a sort of haven. An escape after a long day, and a serene place to wake up.  Take note of what colors keep you relaxed – for me, that’s neutrals like tan, white and dusty blues. Hang things on your wall that make you breathe deep and keep you level. (I have this above my bed) I also make sure that anything I touch is soft – so my area rug, my sheets, my pajamas, my slippers and my comforter.   Also, lighting is everything. Maybe get some black out curtains if you’re a light sleeper or this eye mask (I have it in black and it’s amazing).  Change out your light bulbs to incandescent bulbs. They give of a diffused, warm light which is perfect for winding down and staying relaxed.  Also, light a candle when you start to wind down for the night for an immediate calm response to your nervous system.

This all may sound a little extreme – giving your bedroom a little makeover, but it makes a world of difference.  Even if you need to paint your walls, do that. I promise you it will be worth the effort.

Turn down commitments once a week

We all know that the power of saying no is a real thing, so use this tool and use it well.  One of the main reasons of stress on humans is due to overcommitting – even if it’s something we want to do.  It’s also one of the hardest things to do due to the intense case of FOMO so many of us have (I’m not one of them, fortunately)  So here’s my suggestion: once a week, turn down a commitment that you receive.  The way to measure out which one, is if you’re not genuinely excited about it, or you struggle with your answer (the whole “should I/shouldn’t) I debate – that’s the one.  Kudos to you if you say no more than once a week!

Now, secondly – if someone asks you to commit to something and you’re excited, but feeling pretty worn out, don’t commit right away.  There is absolutely no reason you should put yourself on the spot when giving up your time.  So instead of responding with an immediate answer, say something like:

“Sound’s awesome! Let me check on a couple of things and get back to you.”

Not only will you gain respect from the person asking, you’ll feel so much more in control of your time and your schedule – ultimately leaving you far less stressed and way more calm.

So there you have it. 3 simple ways to add more calm into your every day. I can tell you first hand that they work, because I myself used them when I was first starting out, and still to this day incorporate them into my life.  As always – here if you need me. x


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