3 Simple Ways to Recharge After Burn Out

3 Ways to Recharge at Home Using Sage, Candles, Bubble Baths and Rituals - The Calm Collective

How many of you have hit burn out or have felt desperately felt the need to recharge after hitting burn out? I think we can all raise our hands here. I know I’m guilty, and that’s just part of the human condition – especially in this day and age. These days, I try to be mindful of what burn out feels like and take extra measures to take care of myself throughout my days so that burn out never comes. But at times, it’s inevitable, so today I wanted to share 3 simple ways that you can recharge in the comfort of your own home when burn out strikes.

Remember when I wrote this post on Introverts vs. Extroverts? I’m sure some of you were surprised to learn that you can in fact, be both, and to uncover the myth that being introverted means you’re shy and a wallflower. 

It simply comes down to what recharges you.

• Introverts are recharged by spending time alone.

• Extroverts are recharged by being around other people. 

So while I love great company, after a while I feel incredibly depleted and like I’ve got nothing else to offer.. in which I’m well on my way home to sit in utter silence, read a book, journal, or do a nice little Netflix binge until my battery is up and running again. 

So for all of you fellow introverts out there – the ones who need sacred space and alone time to refuel, I wanted to share with you some of the ways that I’ve found work best for me, personally. 

Let’s jump in!

3 Ways to Recharge at Home After Burn Out Using Sage, Candles, Bubble Baths and Rituals - The Calm Collective

3 Simple Ways to Recharge After Burn Out

Light sage, candles or Palo Santo.

As most of you know, I’m spiritual so I tend to go in the direction of sage, palo santo and copal. (Capo being my personal favorite) — but if the smell of these items aren’t really your thing (they’re not for everyone!) or you’re not looking to cleanse-to-connect, candles are just as effective. I light them in addition to my capo since I love them so much, but have recently opted for these unscented white candles. (and I love these candle stick holders)

Ambience plays a huge role in how deeply we can relax our minds and our bodies, so take it seriously! Dim down the lights, use your candles and maybe some battery operated twinkle lights to create a healing, relaxing atmosphere.

3 Ways to Recharge at Home After Burn Out Using Sage, Candles, Bubble Baths and Rituals - The Calm Collective

Take a bath

Even if you aren’t a bath person per se, I highly encourage you to see if you can become one. If the reason is that you feel like it’s “unclean” (totally get that!) simply rinse off in the shower first, and then get in the tub to soak. As you all know, water is one of the 4 elements, and it’s incredibly healing both to our emotional and psychical beings. If you want an even more relaxing state, add some epsom salts and candles, and play some soothing music.

Top it off by throwing on this velvet robe (which I have and love) once you’ve finished.

PS: I also love it in this color.

Create a sacred wind-down ritual

This might feel broad, but that’s the point! Creating a ritual is something that’s been so incredibly healing for me for the past 7 months, and I really can’t recommend it enough. I shared my morning ritual with you a couple of weeks ago, but there are also other rituals that I implement throughout my day for an array of reasons. If I’m feeling stressed, I have a ritual. If I’m feeling sad, I have a ritual. If I’m feeling overwhelmed, I have a ritual. 

It’s not only healing to have rituals in your back pocket, but it’s healing to create them – to discover the little pieces of life that make you feel better and more at ease. 

3 Ways to Recharge at Home After Burn Out Using Sage, Candles, Bubble Baths and Rituals - The Calm Collective

My ritual for winding down, say if I have a chaotic day of work, goes a little something like this:

• Change into comfortable clothes (usually these amazing sweats from Nordstrom, or my velvet robe that I keep talking about)

• I apply a decent amount of lavender body oil. The scent instantly calms my nerves – it’s like magic and by far one of the things I look most forward to every morning and every night. This one is my absolute favorite.

• A warm drink – usually something like peppermint tea or a rieshi drink from Four Sigmatic. 

• Put on a playlist (this one and this one are my favorites right now) OR I’ll put on a guided meditation by Sarah Blondin. She’s INCREDIBLE.

• I journal anything that’s coming up for me and I don’t judge how much or how little I write. I just let it flow, and whatever is meant to come up, does. 

So that’s my wind down ritual! After that’s complete I feel so refreshed and clear-headed, and it’s the best way for me to flow into the rest of my day. Whether I apply this ritual at 1pm on a Wednesday or 7pm on a Sunday, its never failed me.

What are some of your favorite ways to wind down after a long day? Share here in the comment section or head over to today’s Instagram post and comment there so others can get inspiration for themselves! x, C

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