4 Shops To Support On Small Business Saturday

4 Shops To Support on Small Business Saturday - The Calm Collective

I mentioned the other day that I’m not a huge fan of Black Friday. All the crowds, the hustling, the “I’m so thankful” energy on Thursday and then the mad dash and “I have to have it NOW” energy on Friday. Quite honestly, it stresses me out and as you all know – I’m not about stress ;)  So my happy place is prepping ahead of time for the deals I want to grab, and doing it all online.  In addition to that, I LOVE (read: loooove) Small Business Saturday. I have such a thing for Mom and Pop shops and the entrepreneurs trying to do their own thing and live their best lives through creating and using both their right and their left brain. It isn’t for the faint of heart.

Maybe I’m such a fan because I tried going the corporate route and realized that it just wasn’t for me. I wanted to be successful on paper, but what ended up happening is that my pay check reflected something that my internal self didn’t: growth.  It was a crazy awakening when I realized that I would be so much happier, truly, with less money but more creative freedom and a flexible schedule.  That’s held out to be entirely true for the past 7 years, so I want to shout it from the roof tops for those of you who are teetering on the “should I / shouldn’t I” scale and encourage you to go for it.  I promise that you’ll fail at some point, but I also promise you that you’ll be okay. More than okay. And quite frankly if you don’t fail, I’d be a little weirded out ;) What’s building a small business without trial and error? It would be a straight up miracle to have such a smooth ride, if you ask me.

(I tend to go on tangents about leaving corporate and following your passions – if that feels good to you – so forgive me. If you want to talk about this more in depth and need a little love-nudge from someone who can relate, I’ve got you. Feel free to email me at hello@thecalmcollective.com and I’ll give you a virtual hug and some encouraging words – because you really are capable.)

So speaking of building small businesses from the ground up and doing cool things, in honor of Small Business Saturday (which is today in case you were unaware!) I wanted to spread the love by sharing a handful of my favorite shops that are worth supporting. None of these companies are sponsored, so this is 100% authentic and true to what I love and what I use personally.  So without further ado, here we go!

4 Small Shops to Support on Small Business Saturday 

Ulio & Jack

This is a solid cologne  in a small container made with jojoba oil, beeswax and Shea butter (mixed with fragrance) and I’m telling you – it smells SO GOOD it’s uncanny.  Chris wears it daily and gets asked about it all the time to the point where it’s laughable.  Explorer is my favorite, and if he hadn’t claimed it as his scent already, it would be my own personal scent of choice. That’s also what I love about this product – they can definitely be unisex regardless of their target audience being men.

Bonus? It’s sold through Amazon Prime – so two day shipping for the win!

Small Business Saturday Deal:

  • When you buy 2 solid colognes you get 50% off your entire order using code PASSPORT

Damn Good Face Wash 

You’ve all heard me rave about this company time and time again, and that’s because I’m an obsessed customer & firm backer of safe skincare products.  I also adore the owner – she’s the sweetest mama/human who’s just happy to be doing what she loves day in and day out.  Not to mention, her marketing is to die for. I reuse all of my jars because they’re so beautiful.

Small Business Saturday Deal: 

  • 20% of all products (no code needed)
  • Free Sisal Washcloth with purchases over $50
  • Free Sisal Washcloth & clay with purchases over $100
  • Free Sisal Washcloth & Clay plus free shipping with purchases over $150  (domestic only)

Bylia Jewels 

This is where I get most of my jewelry that I shared here. I love this company so much, and not only is the branding lovely, but the shipping time is so fast.  All of the jewelry holds up really well, as I wear it just about every single day (for a year now!) and have yet to encounter a quality issue.  A few of my favorite pieces are this one, this one and this one. 

Small Business Saturday Deal:

  • 15% off the entire shop + free shipping for orders over $175 using code PLUS5

Lastly, I hope you don’t mind that I plug my own small business here, but I want to make sure that I share the goods with all of you with what’s happening over at my photography shop! 

Cassandra Photo Print Shop 

As most of you know by now, I’m also a professional photographer and I’m lucky enough to travel the globe and use my lens as a means of telling stories.  I’ve chosen some of my favorite prints from my trips and curated them into a print shop which you can find right here on Etsy.

Small Business Saturday Deal:

  • 20% off everything in the shop through Monday using code CPSHOP20

Secondly, I have another shop that’s hosted through my photography website directly and I’m SO excited to announce that yesterday, my very own presets launched!  You’re now able to purchase my personal color, black and white, or two pack presets. I’m so excited about these and I hope they inspire any of you who use Lightroom to create your best work.

I’m also offering a Photography Guide for those of you who are looking to build up your photography gear. It’s a Starter Kit 101 that breaks down all of the gear that I personally use, what I think you should be using depending on your niche of photography, and where you can buy it.

Small Business Saturday Deal: 

  • All presets are 30% off their original price
  • Photography guide is 30% off it’s original price