5 Things To Add To Your Bedroom For a Better Night’s Sleep

5 Things To Add To Your Bedroom For a Better Sleep - The Calm Collective

I take my sleep very, very seriously. Like, so seriously. Once I hit about age 25, I realized that I function 100x better when I’ve had a solid 8 hours. Thankfully with my flexible schedule as a photographer, if I go to bed a little on the late side, I can wake up a bit later to ensure that I get said 8 hours, but if I have a commitment early in the morning – I definitely have to plan ahead and make sure I’m in bed with my current read and some sleepy time tea (I add this for an extra sleepy dose)

When I moved into the #tccloft, I knew I wanted it to be a space that was calming and relaxing. If I’m out all day, chances are when I get home all I want to do is retreat on the couch or play some music and cook a good meal with some vino.  I took this route by adding LED twinkle lights throughout, calming colors (mostly neutrals with copper accents, and peacock and marigold for my accents), having a lot of candles, and watching far less TV than I ever have in my life, and opting for Spotify instead.  In the bedroom, the rest of my loft carries over.  It’s a somewhat open concept, so I wanted to ensure the decor flowed.

I also wanted to make sure that I had the essentials for promoting a good night’s sleep. Below are the 5 things I recommend adding (or not adding) to your bedroom for the best night’s sleep.


5 Things To Add To Your Bedroom For a Better Sleep - The Calm Collective

1. A journal. I have my Five Minute Journal which I love, and I also have this cute little rose colored journal that I picked up from this amazing shop in Traverse City.  Having a journal next to my bed is a great way to get out any pending thoughts I might have on my mind before sleep, or to jot down any reminders so that I can avoid picking up my phone (I leave it in the kitchen when I go to bed – see below :)

2. Soft Sheets. You guys, I hit the jackpot with these sheets. It was such a risk since when you order online, you obviously can’t feel them first – but even my mom was obsessed. She bought a set on the spot.  (and they’re super affordable)  IN relation to this, a good mattress.  Since buying the Westin Hotel’s Heavenly Mattress, I have literally never slept better.

3. Himalayan Sea Salt Lamp.  I bought one of these during a visit to the planetarium before they were basically everywhere – and honestly I bought it without knowing what the benefits were. I just thought it was pretty (ha).  Turns out, they’re amazing for allergies and sinus issues, which approach during season-change. The light it gives off is such an amazing hue, I keep it on all night.  It’s like a night-light without the brightness, if that makes sense? ;)

5 Things To Add To Your Bedroom For a Better Sleep - The Calm Collective

4. Candles – but the right kind. It’s important that you choose the scent wisely when they’re going in your bedroom. I always opt for something a little bit more sultry (as opposed to citrus or florals) Sandalwood/Amber & Moss are my favorite, and I’m never without this one next to my bedside.  I light it every night while reading my kindle, always being sure to blow it out before I start to get super tired ;)  Fires aren’t cool.

You can read about the 7 candles I always have in my home right here. 

5. For the last tip, it’s actually what you should not add to your bedroom. This is the first time I’ve not had a TV in my bedroom, and it’s been such a game changer.  The light that a TV gives off is so intense, it completely messes up your sleep cycle (and gives you no chance of reaching REM) If I really have a craving to watch something, I’ll bring my laptop into my bedroom, but I’ll adjust the brightness so it’s at about 50%.  Second, I never bring my phone in the room.  I have about 4 people in my “favorites” section, and have a setting to where if there’s an emergency and they call me twice in a row, my phone will sound off letting me know I need to get up and check it.

How To Get Better Sleep - The Calm Collective


Do you have any tips you’d like to share? We can all benefit from getting solid sleep each night, as it plays an enormous, important roll in our day to day and how we function. Feels free to share below in the comments!


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