7 Ways To Be Productive When You’re Having a “Blah” Day

7 Ways To Be Productive When You're Having a "Blah" Day - The Calm Collective

Your alarm goes off, you wake up, and you just feel a little off kilter. Maybe you slept bad, perhaps you had a bad dream that’s lingering, or maybe you have no idea why you feel the way that you do – and the only word you can use to define it is “blah”. Any hands going up? Of course they are, because it’s the human condition. I’ve been there many a time, and it can be really difficult to get yourself out of the mud and into a creative, productive headspace.

So today I thought I’d share some tips and tricks that work for me when this feeling rears its ugly head from time to time.

7 Ways To Be Productive When You're Having a "Blah" Day - The Calm Collective

Own It

When you wake up and realize that you’re feeling off, own it. Understand that your feelings are just that – feelings. They’re not who you are, they’re simply something moving through you – always temporary.  


Take a few minutes to journal when you find yourself in this head-space. Nothing is more freeing than releasing  lingering thoughts, the act of writing with pen to paper, moving through the thoughts and letting them go. Throw away the piece of paper if you have to, but give yourself the time and the permission to write it down and free it from your mind.

Self Care

Yeah, yeah. I know. Everyone’s always talking about it but participating in some self care is especially invaluable when you’re feeling “off”.  Take whatever skincare routine you have it and slow it on down. Be intentional about it. If you’re applying facial oil, massage your face in the process. If you’re rinsing your skin with water, get it to the perfect temperature and rinse for a few minutes. Enjoy the process – let it linger, don’t rush it.  Other ways of applying self care on an “off day” is allowing yourself to have whatever it is you really want. Do you want your favorite latte? Go get it. What about a hot bath before work? Go soak. You get the idea. Always give yourself the permission to treat yourself well.


The sounds you pick up throughout the day can play a major role on how you feel.  Sometimes it can feel strange to play up beat music when you’re feeling down, but it can also be exactly what you need to make that shift. Same goes for podcasts – they can light you up, give you a different perspective, etc.


Getting rid of excess can be super therapeutic when you’re feeling heavy or “off”.  It’s certainly proven true in my life, so whenever I find myself in this head-space it’s one of the first things that I do. The act of removing things that are just taking up space is freeing, but also being able to donate and give back is healing as well.


Move your body in whatever way feels good to you. Whether that’s vinyasa flow, going for a run, a slow walk, lifting weights or dancing in your kitchen.  Just move. Release the tension that’s in your mind and let it flow through your body.

Be social

While it can feel like the very last thing you want when you’re not feeling 100% like yourself, just surrounding yourself with humans that you love and who lift you up can make all the difference. Make those plans, stick to them, and allow their positivity to be magnetic.

7 Ways To Be Productive When You're Having a "Blah" Day - The Calm Collective

While this doesn’t happen all that often, it’s been so helpful to have an arsenal of tools in my back pocket when I need them. I hope so much that one or some or all of these will become useful when you, too, find yourself feeling just a little bit off when you wake up in the morning.

And like I said above, don’t ever forget that your feelings aren’t who you are. They’re simply moving through you. They’re temporary.

PS: a new podcast episode went live yesterday with Victoria Cohen of Almonds & Asana, and healthy nightly habits you should start tonight

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