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It’s always fascinating to me to see how people’s days look — whether you work a corporate job, are a jack of all trades, raising babies or traveling the world.. getting a glimpse into the lives of those we watch from afar or admire is really, really healthy – but the trick is knowing the difference between envy/jealousy and inspiration/possibility. I learned from Lacy Phillips that the people we relate to or feel impacted by are called our “expanders”. They let us know that something we’d like to emulate is possible for us.

A question I get somewhat frequently is what an average day looks like for me with a job that’s anything but ordinary. Running this lifestyle brand isn’t as “chill” as it may look from the outside ;) and while not every day looks exactly the same, there’s a rhythm behind it all that makes it run smoothly (most of the time).  I’m always tweaking and changing things around to ensure I’m being the most efficient and productive with my time, because if I’m being honest, I was not put on this Earth to work. I was put on this Earth to create — and there’s a HUGE difference there. It took me a long while to come to the realization that this doesn’t make me lazy, it just makes me different. What I can get done in a day is a far stretch for someone who doesn’t have a creative bone in their body — but if my creative self was trying to be someone who runs a business that revolves around analytics and very little creativity, I’d be working around the clock, feeling exhausted at the end of the day.

I’m also a Virgo, so when I first started up my own business I was running this rat race completely fueled by anxiety and wondering what was next – never really giving myself the luxury to take deep breaths and enjoy the now. While I’ve still got my Virgo tendencies (organization being the main one), I’m honoring more of my Earth sign these days which focuses on being grounded and taking time for nature and flow. I’ve got to tell you, it works way more in my favor.


So here’s a little peak into what an average day looks like:

+ I generally wake up around 8-8:30am by my internal clock (I don’t have an alarm — they jolt me awake and it really messes up my morning if I’m woken up that way)

+ Chris comes back upstairs (since he wakes up about an hour earlier) with a hot cup of coffee for me and we snuggle and chat until I’m awake. He generally gets ready for work while I linger in bed to journal and read.

+ I free journal for about 30 minutes or so, and then read for another 30 minutes. This is where I finish my coffee.

+ If Chris hasn’t gone into the office yet, we’ll have breakfast together, or I’ll whip up a quick smoothie after I’ve applied this face oil and brushed my teeth.

+ Once he’s gone for the day, I’ll draw myself a bath filled with peppermint salts which helps to wake me up naturally.  I’ll either bring my book in with me (I read a TON these days), or I’ll listen to an uplifting podcast.

+ After this, I usually head down to the couch or outside on the patio to start some writing, since I like to do this before I’ve checked my emails and social media.  If I’m not writing that day, I’ll either do a podcast interview, record a solo episode, edit a previous episode or dive into a big side project I’ve got in the works :)

+ Once I’ve written or podcast-ed (is that a word?!) for a bit, I’ll have a snack (usually a Lara Bar, dry seaweed or some fruit and a La Croix) and play with Jasper for a while. Then I’ll either go to the gym for a workout (depending on how I’m feeling), or I’ll head back outside and just de-compress, maybe listen to another podcast episode.

+ Once noon hits, this is when I check email and tune in for the day on any collaboration/wholesale emails, check analytics for the Mindful Memos & affiliates, and schedule out any blog posts or newsletter for the week, if I have enough content ready to go.

+ Around 2pm I take a break to relax, play with Jasper some more, go for a walk, do something creative or veg out and watch a show if my brain needs that. Sometimes I’ll head into a coffee shop or Chris’ office (where they lent me some office space) to get a change of scenery. I’ll either write some more, work on projects (e-books, editing photos, updating the Etsy shop, etc) and work until about 4pm.

+ 4pm is usually when I check out for the day and close my computer.  I’ll free journal a bit about how the day went and how I’m feeling, maybe read a little more, and run any errands I might need (groceries, post office, etc).

+ By 7pm we’re usually winding down and making dinner which takes anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour.

+ By 8pm, we’re generally eating and then cleaning up. Then I draw up a bath (yep, I take two a day! But sometimes it’s a shower if I need to wash my hair) with lavender bubble bath and epsom salts.

+ By this time it’s usually around 9:30, and that’s when we make our traditional sleepy time tea (which we never go without — I even bring it along when we travel), maybe have a little dessert (usually a bite of So Delicious’ coconut milk sea salt caramel ice cream), and make the coffee for the morning. By the time we’re done with that, we’re generally settling into an episode of something we’re liking at the moment. (we’re straight up obsessed with Billions)

+ We’re in bed by 11pm, and while some nights we spoon and fall straight to sleep (little spoon for the win), I’ve also been feeling the need to read before bed to declutter any thoughts from the day. (I couldn’t figure out how to do this without keeping Chris awake since I don’t have a book lamp, and discovered that my Himalayan salt lamp is the perfect amount of ambient glow for uninterrupted sleep and the ability to read! Plus it’s so soothing). At the moment I’m reading this super sweet fiction book which makes it easy for me to not over-think right before bed.

Sidenote: if you have even just a LITTLE trouble sleeping, get this. No joke, it completely transformed not only the quality of our sleep, but every single friend and family member we’ve mentioned it to! This thing is a miracle worker.

There you have it! Like I said, while every day is definitely not the same, it’s a pretty steady flow of something along those lines.  I pop in and out of home, making sure to change up my scenery when I can (but honestly, sometimes my body just wants to be settled at home and that’s okay, too!) I’m super go with the flow and LOVE to see what my insides want from me as we get started on the day — that’s why tuning into my intuition all day every day is so crucial. I find I’m SO much more productive and efficient (and just overall so much happier) with my time when I’m in my alignment.  Hope you all have the best weekend, and I’ll see you back here on Monday!

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