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Happy Monday! It’s a fresh start to a new week, and I’m always optimistic when my body wakes me up at 7am, sans alarm. This week is all about continuing to put the finishing touches on The Declutter Method Course (I’ll be launching this JUST in time for some serious spring cleaning. You can still pre-register by clicking here, which will give you an exclusive discount when the course goes live and is ready for purchase!), blogging some of my photography work that has yet to make it to the site, working on finances and budgeting for the next few months (a little secret: this is something that I LOVE to do), and making time for yoga and Orange Theory just about every day. But before I get into too much detail here, let’s break it down for a little life update. I’ve got quite a bit to share!


Mmmm the home front. This is probably my biggest update to share. I’ve been fairly quiet on this subject, and I was able to express some of my feelings around moving in this Instagram post, in case you missed it. But the cliff notes is that my apartment in the Gold Coast started falling apart little by little. It became a bit of a “Murphy’s Law” type situation, if you will, and I was thankfully able to dissolve my lease. So now I’m temporarily staying right on the water (feeling grateful beyond measure for a soft place to land) while I prepare to look into buying a condo (!!) This has been something that’s been on my heart for a while, and it just feels incredibly right. I’m hopeful that I’ll find a spot that I can fully make my own over time, and have the freedom to do so. I’m still unsure how I’m going to document the process here on the blog and over on Instagram, but I know that I want to – so keep your eyes out over the next month or so when I plan on officially starting the hunt :)


Speaking of buying a home and making it my own.. something pretty exciting happened at the beginning of February. I landed a part-time apprenticeship with Nate Berkus Associates at their firm in the West Loop area. This is still a total “pinch me” scenario, as he’s one of my favorite interior designers that I respect immensely, so I feel so beyond grateful to have this opportunity. I sought it out based on the fact that while photography lights me up in so many ways, design is also such a huge part of my life and a passion of mine that just continues to brew more and more as the years go by. So, with a new decade on our hands, I vowed to take that more seriously and to honor that passion. To learn, to grow, and to see how it all unfolds. I wake up so elated to go into the office, to share space with such creative humans, and to spend my days talking about textiles and watching all of these amazing residential design projects come to life.

Here’s my Home Style board on Pinterest where I’m starting to gather a lot of inspiration.  One of these days when I have time, I’ll organize it by room :)

PS: This popped up on my Hulu recommendations last night. If you’re not familiar with Nate (and his husband Jeremiah’s) work, this gives you a lovely idea into their aesthetic. Breathtaking.  (The show is Open Door on Hulu, in case the link doesn’t allow you to open!)

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• Getting dressed in the morning. Ha! Now that I go into NB a couple days a week, it’s been really fun to actually get dressed outside of my usual sweats or workout clothes. It’s ignited a little flame in me to put outfits together again and utilize the lovely clothes hanging in my closet, even if I have nowhere to go.

• Spending a lot of time working on my finances and budgeting. I really love this practice and actually look at it as a huge form of self care – as I always feel SO much lighter once everything is in order. Yes, it can be both humbling and terrifying at first, but once you dive in and start taking control, the fear around money doesn’t have anywhere to land. My relationship with money is an interesting one, and one that I talk about often with my therapist, so maybe it’s worth sharing it here on the blog in the very near future. I’ll do a poll on IG and see if it’s something you’re all interested in hearing about :)

This Human Design podcast. I’ve been binging every single episode and really love the flow of these two women as they thoughtfully explain the ins and outs of human design. It’s the first podcast and HD platform that I’ve listened to that just clicks for me, as HD can be SUPER complex and overwhelming at times. If you’re not familiar with HD, this is also a really lovely place to start, and you can find out your own design for free using this site. I really value what Human Design has done not only for my life on a personal note, but professionally as well. (I’m a Projector if anyone out there is curious! and no, it doesn’t have anything to do with the act of projecting :)

• Playing around with the “no makeup makeup” look. I’ve been doing a lot of letting my skin breathe (aka: wearing no makeup about 50% of the week), applying this AMAZING face mask just about every day (it’s worth every single penny – plus a little goes a long way), and doing some at home microneedling (this is $2 off right now, FYI). I think just being in a season of taking really great care of my skin, when it comes time to apply makeup I feel a little repelled by the idea of a full face. SO, I’ve been spending quite a bit of time on Pinterest and YouTube trying to find a look and routine that resonates well. I haven’t landed on one that I love just yet, but the research is fun in itself.

#7DaysStraight Challenge

I’m so excited for this! If you follow along on IG, you probably heard me talk about this on my stories, but every once in a while (no real set commitment as to when), I’ll be doing a weekly challenge where I do something for #7daysstraight. I’ll share a bit about the experience as I’m knee deep in it over on IG, and then at the end of the week I’ll do a full post here and over on the podcast about how it went. This week, I’m giving up ALL added sugars. So basically, almost all processed foods. (I say almost because I DID cave and get some Paleo waffles because they’re my weekend weakness – but hey… no added sugars so it’s fair game). It was such a therapeutic process to both clean out my pantry and fridge, and to go shopping and be SO mindful about what was going in my cart. And this is the point and the thing I love about these little challenges. They’re so attainable – you can do anything for 7 days, but what starts to happen is that it’s just enough time to awaken your brain and grow intrigue, and to feel enough of a difference to decide whether or not it’s something you want to integrate deeper into your every day life. My hope is to inspire some of you to come along with me when it feels good, and to start a conversation of sorts around our experiences, together. You can join in on the conversation via Facebook, too!

So that’s it, in a nutshell :) I hope you all have the most beautiful start to your week,  and I’ll see you back here in a few days. x

PS: If you haven’t yet, you can still pre-register for The Declutter Method Course that will be launching early 2020! All pre-registers will receive exclusive early bird discount pricing once the course goes live. x



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