A Little Life Update

laying down in bed, white collared shirt, relaxing


I’ve been in a weird place for the last month or so. Maybe weird isn’t the right word — but just hyper-focused on living in flow. I’m generally super good about this sort of thing; just going where the day takes me, working on things when it feels good and coming back to the things that don’t with fresh eyes. And for me, Podcasting was/is the thing that’s been filling me up the most as of late, and my photography business.

Summer is always booming, but this season feels extra special. I’ve taken on some new-to-me opportunities that a year ago I would have never imagined myself doing, and I’m saying yes to projects that scare the shit out of me, because I know deep down, I’m capable.

It’s a really fun time – but there’s also a lot of work going into the behind the scenes. Mostly meditation and reprograming limiting beliefs that show up around these new opportunities, and at the forefront, manifesting my next home.

It’s hard when you know exactly what you want, what you’re not willing to compromise on, and the shift that happens when you start to get frustrated or the magic dark appears where you start to tell yourself that “what you want doesn’t really exist, so you better change your manifestation list”. I haven’t really shared mine with anyone, because it feels more sacred somehow. It’s like when couples get pregnant and they don’t want to share the baby name because they don’t want outside opinions. That’s how I feel with my next home.

I just want to find her, and then celebrate with all of you when I do.

laying down in bed, white collared shirt, relaxing


It’s been a journey, and it’s not over yet. I have a little over a month until my lease is up on this place that was merely a soft place to land, but didn’t nurture me in the slightest. In a way I guess that’s kind of beautiful, because I had to go far, far inward to do it all myself. I couldn’t rely on a high-vibe home to make me feel held, safe or comforted. I had to do that all on my own.

Truth? It was really fucking hard.

But with one month to go and a clear vision and open heart (and a lot of self worth to assist in those dark spots), I can’t wait for what’s to come.

In the meantime, I’ll be flowing in and out of here; sharing random thoughts on wellness/self awareness/love/discovery, mindfulness, my process with grief and the whole 9 yards.

You know the drill.
You know this space.

We do it all here.

We slice things wide open and get rid of all things taboo so we have the freedom to grow, expand and evolve.

We connect.

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