A Short List of Good Things

A Short List of Good Things - The Calm Collective

Happy Wednesday my loves. I’m writing to you from a coffee shop in Buenos Aires while I sip on an iced café, Argentinian music playing in the background and vespas and locals walking around the center plaza. To say I love it here is an understatement, so it felt like a good of time as any to share another edition of A Short List of Good Things. Ready? Here we go.

1. My TOMS sandals.

I am so grateful for these shoes and the comfort they provide while walking miles upon miles in a new city.  The best part? You can easily dress them up or dress them down.

2. The sun.

I know, super original right? But we’ve been without it for a very long time with this never-ending winter we’re having in the midwest. It’s crazy what a good dose of vitamin D can do for the soul (and I’m so happy to see some of my long lost freckles showing up on my face!)

3. Street markets. 

One of my favorite things about traveling is visiting different farmers markets and craft markets. The other day we visited the Sal Talmo Sunday Fair and I was in heaven. Especially when it came to the live music and all of the handmade ceramics. You also couldn’t walk 5 feet without smelling fresh Palo Santo (yum).

4. Jasper’s new trick.

For years I’ve been trying to teach Jasper to roll over, and then in walks Chris and our good friend Moti to give it a whirl — and within days he’s got it down! I mean, oh well. I’m just so glad that he learned a trick outside of his “high 5”. It really is the cutest thing ever. (it’s on my Instagram Stories under the highlight “Jasper” if you’re curious!)

5. This face oil.

I’ve been using it for quite some time (since 2016 I think?) and it never fails to relax me. Not only does it soothe and bring down any redness, but the pure lavender oil stays with me all day. The bonus? When you put it on before bed it acts as a sleep aid!

What about you guys?! Care to share one small thing that’s been adding some goodness to your life? I’d love to hear.

PS: I’ve been working on creating a private Facebook Group where you can request an invitation to be included. It’s going to act as a “safe space” where we can share our struggles and triumphs, get to know one another on a more personal level, and use it as platform to ask any and all questions you might have around creating your best life, slowing down, and creating more with less.  If you’d like to know when this is open for invitation, go ahead and “like” The Calm Collective on Facebook! x