Short List of Good Things + Some Weekend Links

Gray Sweater Cuddled up on an Outdoor Patio with a Dog - The Calm Collective

Gray Mock Turtleneck Sweater (this one is similar and by my favorite brand. I have it in the oatmeal color and I wear a size S)EarringsPendent Necklace (this one is similar) • Outdoor BedSet of End TablesThumbprint Coffee MugVelvet Pillows (similar | I also have this colorMarigold Blanket | (this one is similar)Outdoor String Lights

Happy Friday beautiful people. Although the image above makes it look like it’s sunny and warm, it’s anything but today. We’ve got a plethora of rain going on here, and to be quite honest I don’t hate it. I’ve got every single candle lit, every twinkle light turned on, listening to the street noise with my patio door open, and contemplating what I’m going to do with my Friday. This is actually the first day in two weeks that I haven’t been working or had a shoot lined up! But still, heading downstairs to the local coffee shop and getting some writing and editing done sounds pretty heavenly.

Sidenote: Do any of you get facials? I’m on the fence about whether or not they’re actually as beneficial as marketing makes them out to be. My skin has been doing really well (I swear it’s because of this product line), but I’ve been toying with the idea of going regularly just for preventative sake. If you’re a facial enthusiast, I’d love to hear how often you go and what kind you get to up your hydration game. Please & thank you!

So while I’ve been doing the Short List of Good Things for a while now, I was missing the act of sharing some links with all of you flowing into the weekend. SO, I’m going to combine the two from here on out on Fridays. Let’s jump in to a handful of things I’m grateful for, immediately followed by some good links on the interwebs. Virtually hugging each and every one of you from rainy Chicago.


• The dog park that’s in my apartment building. This has been a game changer for a couple of reasons. First being that if you have a dog in the city, you understand the awkwardness that is your dog doing their thing in the middle of the sidewalk when people are just trying to get to work. You try to brush it off by playing dumb and being like “oh my gosh Jasper, really?!” but in your head you’re actually like “I totally get it. What else are you supposed to do?” and second, I have this mom guilt that he’s bored and never gets to play with other dogs unless I take him to daycare, in which case I don’t get to witness the cuteness. This is a super long-winded way to say that I’m grateful for the dog park, because he gets to romp and play (and try to bully other dogs, ha) and I get to sit back and drink my coffee and watch my dog feel joy. The end.

• My mom coming back to Chicago. Real gratitude around this one. My parents have alway had a place in Florida (ever since I was about 9), and then when I graduated and left for college, they were now empty nesters and started doing winters in Florida. After my dad passed away, my mom has continued this tradition, but she’s coming home for a couple of weeks in the middle of October and I am counting down the days. She’s the coolest woman, and I love my time with her – especially in both of our favorite city.

• The Chicago photography community. I’ve said this before in years past, but I’m always so blown away by how different and special the community here is in Chicago. I’ve moved twice now while shooting full time, and nothing compares. It really is a sacred love and respect for one another, and the competitiveness is nonexistent. We’re all just here to help and propel one another. Case in point, I visited my talented friend Meaghan’s studio yesterday and we just sat and chatted all about commercial photography. She’s kicking so much ass in this category, and rather than shrug her shoulders and just say “yeah it’s been great!”, she dove right in and shared all of her tips and tricks, and ended our chat with, “You’ve got this. I’m going to stay on top of you and check in on you to make sure you’re doing it.” See what I mean? Case in point.

This 7-minute workout app. Two things to note here: First is that it’s FREE. So that’s a huge bonus. Second is that they’re not just 7 minutes. They can be! Which is great since it leaves you no excuse to not workout that day. You can do anything for 7 minutes, and everybody has 7 minutes to spare. But the point is to choose the workouts and do them a few times over. (I LOVE the HIIT workout and the butt & abs) I’m exhausted and so sore the next day.  I know everyone raves about the BBT platform, and honestly this is basically that, sans the monthly fee. So this is a double whammy. I’m grateful for the free, and I’m grateful for the convenience.

• My girlfriends (mom and sister included). Just, holy hell. They’ve been lifting me up, holding all the space for me, overflowing with love and support, and I’m just feeling so lucky. So if you’re reading this (you all know who you are), I am so damn grateful for you.


• Do you follow Refinery29’s Money Diaries? It’s no secret that at heart I’m obsessed (and fascinated) with finances, so I love reading these whenever they’re posted. This one was especially cool to read since I’m from the same area.

The Nobel Peace Prize Winners throughout History

• How beautiful and simple are these? I just booked a shoot for Panera Bread so I think I’m going to reward myself this weekend (good news is that they’re under $25 – woo)

• I was put into a trance looking through this post.  My love for ceramics is so real.

• I’ve been adding this to my smoothie every morning and it’s so, so good. Plus, it gives me all my greens.

Dear Young People, Don’t Vote. This is so powerful.

• Black thumb? Here are some attainable tips for keeping indoor plants alive.

This has become my new favorite show. Jenna Coleman, I love you.

• My keychain just broke (and thankfully I caught it because my car fob was the thing to fall off), and now I’m eyeing this as it’s replacement.

Inc’s 100 Female Founders

The newest addition to my makeup routine. SPF power.

Guess what? We’re all jealous of imaginary people.

• I’ve been re-reading this over and over.

My signature color these days. I love these.

This podcast episode is so good and so honest. I relate so heavily to finding the JOY in being alone.

Everything you need to know about PSL’s.


I got back into blogging 5 days a week, you guys! What do we think? This feels like a major victory, and honestly it felt awesome to produce content Monday – Friday.  I’ve still got to figure out my Podcasting schedule, as it’s been fleeting (though I LOVE producing it, so it’s not going anywhere. Promise)

Here’s what went live on the blog (the first week back in 2 months!), in case you missed it.

Where My Heart’s Been At: An Update on My Healing

October’s Intentions

A Healthy Trick to Ease Your Nervous System and Have Better Sleep

How Do You Recharge? The Myth Behind Introverts and Extroverts

Have a lovely weekend. x


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