My Top 5 Must Haves for Organizing Your Home

The Top 5 Organizational Items For Your Home - The Calm Collective

Happy Monday, beauties. It was a really slow weekend filled with slow mornings (per usual), snacking like crazy (seriously, what is my deal? I’m grazing like a monster), doing yoga in the living room (this website was such a lovely recommendation and at the perfect time with COVID-19 closing down a lot of studios in the city), and nearly finishing this book. I really want to dive into my journey with Sober Curiosity with all of you, because it’s been really impactful. But I’ll save that for another time :)

I posted something on Sunday that I also posted on Instagram regarding the state of the world right now – just sharing my thoughts and view point, so please feel free to check out that post as well, if you missed it.

On to today’s post:

You all know how much I love organizing and creating a peaceful environment within my home. Truly I take it so seriously and it’s incredibly therapeutic to my soul to put in that effort. Whether it’s purging and decluttering or simply taking away the busy-ness of labels on products in my pantry/fridge/cabinets, the options are endless for being able to create a soothing space, and free your mind from clutter.

In the spirit of The Declutter Method Course launching with the Early Bird sign up in just two days, I’ve been feeling so inspired to share more here on the blog around organization and simplicity. I know I talk about it often, but I don’t feel like I offer up the tips and tricks that have really transformed my life and well-being. So, you can expect more of that.. starting today!

The Declutter Method Online Course - The Calm Collective

I wanted to start off simply (no pun intended) by sharing some staples that can make an immediate difference. Since I know that instant gratification is a universal desire, the good news with organization and decluttering is that, it’s possible! I know I might be sounding like a broken record, but making space to do this for yourself not only impacts your physical space, but your mental space as well.

If you want to sign up for the Early Bird registration list for The Declutter Method online course, you can do so right here. The course launches on March 18th, so this will be the last day to receive the 50% discount until it launches to the public on March 26th :)

But for now…

My Top 5 Must Haves for Organizing Your Home

The Top 5 Organizational Items For Your Home - The Calm Collective

Air Tight Pantry Containers

This is such a lovely, tangible way to create serenity within your cabinets and pantry. That might sound silly, but once you do it, you’ll understand. These airtight containers are especially great because they keep your staples fresh for a long period of time. I like this specific collection due to the array of sizes (I have 2 sets, and I use my label maker to list what’s what)


Cabinet Shelves

My mom actually introduced me to these cabinet shelves and they were such a game changer. Most cabinets are fairly tall, which is just waisted space. These shelves not only utilize the space better and allow you to store your small plates, large plates and bowls all together (as an example), but you can SEE everything so clearly. There’s no sifting through your cabinets to find what you’re looking for. I use them in my bathroom as well for my skincare products.


Clear Fridge Organizers


Another game changer (much like the airtight containers), this set of clear fridge organizers are a must. It might seem a little unnecessary, but like I’ve said time and time again, once you do it — you’ll understand. Opening your fridge and having compartments for everything (especially the smaller items and the soda can dispenser – if you’re a La Croix addict like me). There’s truly something so lovely about opening up your refrigerator, your cabinets, your pantry, and not be overwhelmed by clutter and labels.


Label Maker


One of the best inventions on the planet, in my opinion. I started using a label maker at a super young age, and this is probably around the same time that I tapped in to the fact that I am, by nature, a super organized person with a deep love for everything having it’s place. Label makers are super affordable, and really do make a huge difference – mainly for replacing boxes and “loud” marketing containers for something more sleek, and still being able to tell what’s what.  I do this for my airtight containers, spice jars and larger glass jars that hold things like chia seeds, hemp seeds, flax seeds, etc. They’re easy to mix up ;)


Velvet Hangers


While hangers may seem a bit strange to add to a top 5 organizational must have list, once you try them out, you’ll understand why. These hangers are SO thin that they give you so much more closet space, and they’re very aesthetically pleasing to look at. So if you can see the trend here, getting organized isn’t just to say that you’re organized. It also stimulates the brain in a super positive way when you say, open a pantry and see that everything is cohesive and labeled, or your closet and see that all of the hangers match and your clothes aren’t bundled on top of one another. So this is a trust fall here – me telling you to get these hangers. You won’t regret it, and your clothes (and eyes) will thank you.


Glass Spice Jars & Organizer


Spices is by far one of the main things that we as humans accumulate, and get to a point where we don’t even know HOW it happened. Anyone else? This is one of my main triggers in the kitchen, because they’re all over the place, and the marketing around spices is just.. busy. Switching over to glass spice jars and using my label maker so I know which is which was a big game changer. Throwing in the spice organizer? That just put it over the edge in the best way. Now when I open up my drawer, they’re all laying flat on their back, and within seconds I have what I need. Prior? I was quite literally having to empty out my cabinet to get to the spices in the back (because go figure, that’s always where the one I needed ended up ;)

So there you have it! My top 5 must haves for organization, if you’re just getting started.


You can grab The Free Ultimate Organization Guide right here – a compilation of all of the things  (including the 5 items above!) that have transformed my living space, my work and my life in general.


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