32 Candles Could Start a Fire

Turning 32 Years Old - The Calm Collective

Isn’t that something?

I’m going to be honest with you – I contemplated with writing this birthday post because I thought, “do I really want everyone to know how old I am?”

I’m happy to tell you that I came to the conclusion that I, quite honestly, don’t give 32 shits if you know how old I am. :)

Because age is irrelevant. 

My dad used to always say it’s not about how old you are, it’s about how old you feel.  Think about that for a second – how old are you, then?
(I’m going with 25)

My life doesn’t look anything like what I thought it would ten years ago.  I thought I would be married with a couple of babies, working in advertising and keeping up with the fast paced life I had always embraced.  Little did I know, the universe had other plans.

And I am so beyond thankful for that.

Because today, I’m a fresh 32 year old who feels 25. I’m currently camping in the beautiful Pacific North West with a man who loves me in a way I didn’t know existed. Day in and day out, I’m surrounded by a small number of friends who have proven again and again that quality over quantity is where it’s at.  I’m growing a small business that brings me such intense joy that I never feel the need to retire.  I’m getting stronger every single day – both mentally and physically, learning every day how to slow down in a fast paced world, and feeling grateful every step of the way.

And I owe a lot of that to all of you.
Thank you for reading, and for constantly inspiring me just by showing up here.

In honor of my birthday, I’m offering 32% off my entire print shop through Sept 10th (code is 32CANDLES)

It doesn’t feel like enough, but I hope it’s enough for right now.

Cheers to starting fires.