5 Mindful Things You Should Do When Approaching Black Friday

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Hey, hi, hello beauties!

Are any of you freaking out about the chaos that is Black Friday? I hope not. Breathe. Chill out. Make some tea. Cozy up on your computer in your warmest pajamas and do not (I repeat, do not, no matter how tempting) fight the crowds.

Who needs that energy?! No judgment whatsoever if it’s a tradition that you value, but for those of you who feel a weight simply at the thought of trying to find a parking spot (raising my hand here), do these 5 things:

5 Mindful Things You Should Do When Approaching Black Friday

Make a list of what you’d like to buy

For example, I’m on the hunt to replace the current sofa that I have right now for a velvet one that’s way more deep and.. well.. comfortable :) I’m also looking to shop for 2 specific people with desired gifts in mind. By being as specific as possible, it makes navigating the sites so much easier, and makes it way more realistic for me to stay on track.

Make a list of the specific sites you’d like to hit

For instance, if you want to take advantage of Nordstrom’s 60% off sale, or ASOS offering 25% off of their entire site, write that down. Maybe you’re like me and are seeking out some home decor items and want to take advantage of the fact that Wayfair is offering up to 80% off. Whatever you’re gravitating towards, stick to those handful of sites so you don’t get overwhelmed by the madness and the overflow of offerings.

Compare prices & READ REVIEWS

I know it can feel like a lot of pressure to purchase impulsively because of the “deadline” that comes along with Black Friday, but is it really worth throwing your hard earned money down the drain because you didn’t a) look for a better price on one of the other sites that you’ve chosen to navigate or b) didn’t take 5 extra minutes to read the reviews? If we’re spending our time to be mindful and cozy in our homes while we shop Black Friday, why would we want to spend our time after the fact running to multiple stores and the UPS office to do returns?

Black Friday Approach

Make some tea to assist in your online shopping journey

This might sound a little silly, but by replacing your glass of wine or alcohol drink with some herbal tea, you’re FAR less likely to impulse spend and stay way more mindful while you shop for what it is you have on your list.  Tea calms your nervous system, too, which will help with any overwhelm that could be lurking.

Lastly, use your Mindful Holiday Shopping Guide

I made this for myself originally as a means to stay on track within my budget and the list of who I needed to buy for, and holy hell does it WORK. It truly was such a game changer, so I’m shouting it from the rooftops and making sure to share it with each and every one of you in hopes that it’ll help you, too.  You can grab that for free right here.

Happy (mindful) shopping! x

PS: In case you’re still looking for some gift options and items to add to your Black Friday shopping list, I created my Holiday Gift Guide for Him and my Holiday Gift Guide for Her per your request over on Instagram! Everything ranges from $25-$200. 


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