Episode 51: Body Love and The Art of Self Expression with Megan McCluer

Body Love and the Art of Self Expression with Megan McCluer on The Calm Collective Podcast

Megan McCluer is a fine art photographer in Miami who specializes in photographing women through all walks of life, but has turned into so much more. She has cultivated this deep, deep appreciation for the female body where her self portraits are now wildly known and celebrated on Instagram, and hosts workshops to hold space and encourage other women to get in touch with themselves and instill such a deep sense of body love that they leave forever changed. 

In this episode, Megan and I discuss things such as gender roles, going against the grain of societal programming, self expression, body love, her journey within photography and how she built her business organically and on her own, and so much more that you wont want to miss. 

Click here to listen.

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