Change Is Always Possible

Change is always possible - The Calm Collective

One of the most challenging things about the process towards living a slow and simple life is the famous question of “where the hell do I even start?”

I get that. Really, I do. 

But like with anything, the best time to start, is right now.  Because there will never be a perfect time to change your life. It’s an on-going process that takes time and perseverance. It takes strength to know your self worth and loving yourself enough to over look that some people may not understand what it is you’re doing. It takes guts and gusto to go through the trenches to get to the other side.

I promise you, the other side is lovely. 

So if you’re currently sitting in a home that’s overflowing in a sea of “unnecessary” but craving a home and a life that’s filled purely with what brings you joy – or if you’re living a life of non-stop commitments with no time for reflection, let alone your lunch, but you’re chasing a life that’s slow and steady, I encourage you to do this one thing:

Start today. 

You can start small, but just start. 

Here are 3 ways you can do that:

1. Turn on some music that gives you all the feels.  For me, it’s a playlist my mom made called “Sway” – and other times it’s peaceful piano music. Get yourself in a positive mind frame. Relax. Stretch if you have to.

2. Grab a journal and write down what it is you want for your life. Maybe your issue isn’t clutter. Maybe it’s that you’re over committed to things that don’t bring real value to your life, or that you’re exhausted from feeling “busy”, and instead, want to feel whole.  *raising my hand here*

3. Give yourself a trial period of one week. That’s only 7 days. You can do ANYTHING for 7 days.   For this entire week, regardless of what your goal is, focus solely on that.

Here are a couple of examples for the one week trial:

For one week, don’t take on another commitment.  Practice saying no and valuing and respecting yourself for that decision.
For one week, practice doing ONE thing at a time.  No more multi-tasking. Set a timer for each task, and don’t stop doing that one task until the timer goes off.

For one week, start with a single space in your home and declutter that space.  Don’t touch any other area until that space is done.  If you finish before the week is over, feel free to move onto another.

See what we’re doing here? We’re starting small, but we’re starting. 

If you want it bad enough, change is always possible — at any time, at any moment. And I don’t know if you’ve ever heard this before, but there’s no time like the present ;)

3 Simple Ways To Start Small Towards Living Simply - The Calm Collective



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