Slow Mondays and Christmas For Breakfast

Cozy Breakfast That Tastes Like Christmas - The Calm Collective

Well hello there. I hope everyone had a relaxing, low key weekend. Mine was filled with celebrating birthdays and catching up with friends – many of whom I haven’t seen since I’ve been back in Chicago (for those of you who may not know – I moved back to Chicago from a two year stint in South Florida at the beginning of March!) The first party was for my friend’s 1 year old baby and the second was an intimate surprise party for one of my college friends.  It was definitely what I needed, and I still had ample amount of time to get to SoulCycle, organize and clean the #tccloft and catch up on Homeland (I just hit Season 2 and I’m addicted)

This week looks pretty good thus far as I’ve got some product shoots lined up, a photo shoot with this beautiful lady, a meeting on Wednesday and back to back mini sessions all weekend. (I still have one slot left at Garfield Park Conservatory for Saturday at 11am if anyone wants it! Just email me at for more info) I also plan on doing a seasonal sell-off of clothes & shoes I no longer get use out of (I love doing it through Poshmark), and am finally going to get around to updating my photo blog with shoots!

Cozy Breakfast That Tastes Like Christmas - The Calm Collective

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Anyway – today’s post is short and (literally) sweet. When I was back in Delray, I stayed at my friend Courtney’s place and had run to the store to get a couple of essentials for breakfast and lunch. I picked up some apples and the next morning, I found myself craving something hearty yet sweet (not the norm as I’m an eggs & avocado girl).  So I randomly created this little apple bowl that honestly takes like Christmas. You guys HAVE to try it!  It would be awesome for kids, too.  I sent the recipe over to my sister telling her hat she had to make it for my niece and nephews (just subbing out the almond butter for sun better since Soren has a severe peanut allergy – poor guy) The prep takes about 5 minutes, if that, and the cook time is 2 minutes.

*Also, this is not a staged photo :) I try to always incorporate breakfast in bed whenever I can, and wake up slow with a good book or some journaling.

Cozy Breakfast That Tastes Like Christmas - The Calm Collective

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  • 1 apple (Honeycrisp is my favorite), diced
  • 1/2 banana, sliced
  • 1 heavy spoon full of almond butter, creamy
  • 1 tsp of cinnamon
  • 1 pinch of sea salt, to taste

Layer the bowl with apples, bananas, almond butter, cinnamon and sea salt on top. Microwave for 2 minutes, or if you’d prefer (or don’t have a microwave), layer ingredients in a small pot over low-medium heat until almond butter is melted, and the apples are soft.

Enjoy! x

Cozy Breakfast That Tastes Like Christmas - The Calm Collective




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