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This blog provides lifestyle content centered around mindfulness, simple style, safe beauty, home and design, as well as occasional collaborations with companies that I believe in. You’ll also find personal stories and inspirations, and my journey towards building a slow and mindful life.  This space has become such a huge part of my day to day – an outlet of sorts, and I’m so glad you’ve decided to follow along. If you’re interested in collaborating on a project or have a question, you can email me directly at


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In addition to running this blog full time, I’m also a freelance photographer specializing in lifestyle, editorial and commercial work. If you’d like to get in touch regarding a shoot or collaboration, or would simply like more information – please email me at or visit my website below.

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This is my online shop where I sell original photography prints as instant digital downloads all inspired by nature, texture and water.

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Inspired by a life of minimalism and personal growth, this podcast is designed to share the beauty in simplicity, and the power that’s within all of us. We’ll explore topics like battling grief, listening to our minds and bodies, and creating a life filled with purpose and reason. This series reminds us that we’re not alone in this journey. The ability to create a life we love is within us.

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I’m happy for you to share any images here on this blog, but please be kind and properly credit back to this website. I do my very best to always give credit where credit is due. Should you see something that isn’t credited properly, please do let me know.  Lets keep the internet a friendly place, yeah? Stealing bums me out ;)

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Occasionally this blog is associated with affiliate links. This means that certain links may provide me with a small commission which allows me the opportunity to keep this blog up and running.  Please note that all opinions when talking about products and brands are 100% my own.  From time to time, you may see a sponsored post.  I will always disclose at the footer of the post when this takes place, or by marking items sent to me with “c/o”. Thank you so much for the support – I’m so grateful. x