My Current Makeup Routine


My Current Makeup Routine and What I'm Using - The Calm Collective

Good morning! How’s everyone’s week thus far? We’ve made it half way through and I’m gearing up for my favorite Hip Hop Hump Day ride at SoulCycle (it’s so fun I can’t even begin to tell you)  My mom has been visiting for a couple of days now as well which is always the best. Lots of cooking, exploring my new neighborhood and sipping on some wine on my balcony.  I really can’t complain. (follow along on instagram/instastories!)

Also, sidenote: I just started watching this show on Netflix to counter balance the heaviness of Homeland and I can’t say enough good things about it. It’s HILARIOUS and the episodes are short and easy to watch.  Love that Colin Hanks is on it as well, and it’s making me feel less scared of him after his stint on Dexter (ugh, so creepy) Any shows, movies or documentaries you guys have watched and would recommend? I’m always looking for something new :)

Anyway, I wanted to run you guys through my updated makeup routine since I’m loving it and have been getting questions from friends and people on the street about what I’m using (even the toll booth lady!)  So I did a little step by step breakdown and linked all of the products and their brushes.  So here we go!


My Current Makeup Routine - The Calm Collective

  • As soon as I wake up, I splash some super cold water on my face followed by this SPF moisturizer (that I’ve become obsessed with – it’s anything but greasy and soaks into my skin super fast) and this under eye de-puffer/brightener. Another recent obsession. The immediate transformation gets me every time. Technically this is part of my morning skin-care routine, which I’ll elaborate on in a future post coming soon ;)
  • Once that’s soaked in (I usually wait about 10 minutes or so) I use a super light layer of this BB cream. I’ve tried so many on the market, and can’t get over the consistency and cover-up ability of this brand.
  • Then I use this concealer to cover up any spots or breakouts (if needed). It’s got a little bit of a hefty price tag, but it lasts FOREVER. I probably buy one every six months.
  • Depending on what I’m doing that day, I’ll either use this foundation (in nude beige) or skip it all together and move on to my powder. But if I want a super polished look, I use this brush to apply and blend my foundation. For a while there I was using designer foundation and really liked it. Then when I went to re-order, they were out of stock so I used a drug store brand instead.  I’ve literally never gotten so many compliments/questions asking about my foundation since I’ve started using it – so I definitely recommend giving it a try and saving the extra cash.

My Current Makeup Routine - The Calm CollectiveMy Current Makeup Routine and What I'm Using - The Calm Collective My Current Makeup Routine - The Calm Collective

  • Then I apply a light layer of this under eye concealer. I’ve tried so many on the market, but this one crushes all of the others. A larger price tag, but again this will last you for so long (it literally requires one little dab on your finger per eye) I use Shade 2 (it cancels out any blue for those dark circles)
  • To set everything, I use this translucent powder. I almost bit the bullet and bought this brand, but got a sample instead to compare it to Elf. Honestly? NO difference other than the fact that one is $6 and the other is $38, haha.
  • I also use a little bit of this powder underneath my eyes which ensures my under eye concealer doesn’t get that annoying line throughout the day. Ladies, you know what I’m talking about (insert eyeroll here) It also completely brightens up my under eye area which is quite gratifying.
  • From there, I do a light contour using this double palette.  I use a brush similar to this one, and then use the blush on my cheekbones with a this brush and a little dab on my nose.  PS: I’m thinking about doing an easy video tutorial for how I contour since this is a question I get a lot. So stay tuned!
  • Then I apply my eyeshadow primer (which often times I’ll leave as is since it really brightens up my eye) It’s rare that I wear any eyeshadow, but if I do, I stick with this palette.
  • One of my favorite steps is using this highlighter palette. Oh mah-gah what it does for your face!  Depending on the tan I have going on, I apply it to my cheekbones, my T-zone, right above my lip and at the base of my chin.
  • Lastly, my beloved eyebrows ;) I can’t leave the house without making sure they’re tamed and filled in (I use this duo brush), considering they’re so full these days. I use this cream, and honestly I like it, but I haven’t found anything that I LOVE just yet. Any recommendations, feel free to share! (or maybe I should just bite the bullet and do microblading? haha)
  • Oh, and then I’ll set everything using this spray.

My Current Makeup Routine - The Calm CollectiveMy Current Makeup Routine - The Calm Collective

I use this divided makeup bag by Kestrel which I absolutely love. (here’s a similar one by the same brand) On the left side I have all of my face products, and I keep all of my eyes products on the right. I’m all about organization and simplifying, so this keeps me from having to rummage through my bag and easily shaves off 5 minutes from my routine.

So there you have it! My day-to-day makeup breakdown.   I switch things out every six months or so (I’m always researching beauty products and can’t resist trying new things), so you can expect an update down the road. But for now, I’m super happy with this line up, and can tackle it well under 10 minutes from start to finish. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out at!  x

My Current Makeup Routine - The Calm Collective


All images of myself by Meg McMillin



  1. April 12, 2017 / 4:01 PM

    I just discovered the GinZing eye cream and I loveeee it! Also a die hard Physicians Formula BB cream user =)

  2. Cassandra
    November 14, 2019 / 10:27 AM

    It’s THE best. it makes such a difference!

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