My Daily Beauty Rhythm: Morning To Night

My Daily Beauty Rhythm - The Calm Collective

Do you have a beauty rhythm?

Its no secret that I have such a fascination and appreciation for beauty and how women across the world approach it differently — from what they put onto their skin, when, and how.. you’d be hard pressed to find one rhythm that lines up exactly the same with someone else’s.  That’s why I can get lost for hours on sites like Into The Gloss or Coveteur, just to name a couple.  Now the crucial part is knowing that what works for someone (say, a peach lipstick) won’t work for everyone (that would be me), and knowing when to stay in your own lane.  The same goes for style and the way we shop for ourselves. It will save you a lot of struggle if you take the time to discover your style, learn your color tones, and know what works for your skin and hair type.

You hear so much about make up and skin care routines, but I’m hard pressed to hear about how women confront their rhythm (I love that word, can you tell?) from start to finish, and why. Some of you may not have zero interest in learning how I approach my overall beauty rhythm, while some might find it as fascinating as I do. So let’s get started.

First thing’s first: my relationship with the word “beauty” was always a love-hate.  I put a lot of pressure on myself to always look super put together, and that’s because my mom has always been that way.  The most beautiful human inside and out, but always put together and ready for anything.  That’s just in her nature and how she moves through the world.  So when high school came around and makeup became a regular part of my daily routine, I was lathering it on multiple times a day, and an excessive amount of bronzer was my best friend (ugh, the horror).

As I got older, I came to appreciate the less is more mentality (in all areas of my life), but especially when it comes to makeup. I remember one day my mom looking at me and saying, “you look a little cakey”. I was mortified, but so grateful that she had said something. Who wants to look CAKEY?! Nobody, that’s who. And so from that moment on, I committed to finding a good balance. One that actually showed my freckles, embraced my imperfections, and made it so I could be in the middle of summer and not fear it was all dripping off.

These days, I’m not the person who does mid-day touch ups or takes an hour to get ready.  I need about 20 minutes max. That used to make me feel bad — like maybe I wasn’t putting in the energy and effort, and I always worried that people thought it was because I just didn’t care.  That’s not even close to being the reason.  I just wanted to feel free and released of having to elevate what I already was. To hide behind all of these products on a daily basis.

As I mentioned, in the past year or so I’ve come to find a rhythm that works so well for me and my lifestyle. One that allows for me to feel good about walking through the world bare faced here and there (good skin care helps in this area!), and a makeup routine that doesn’t take up the better part of my morning.

Here is my full beauty rhythm, morning to night 

I generally wake up around 7:30-8:15 to a humidifier blowing in my face.  Especially in the winter, the air is so dry so it’s crucial for my skin and my sinuses that this is on full blast while I’m sleeping.

Water is next to my bedside, so I’ll drink a bit of that, and my sweet guy always leaves a cup of hot coffee next to my bed since he wakes up super early.  It’s mixed with collagen peptides and some Lion’s Mane, and I drink that while I focus on waking up.

I then head to the bathroom where I wash my face with this brightening rinse or this coconut oil when my skin is super dry (I lather it on my face, rinse it with hot water, and take a cloth to wipe of the excess), add some toner (my favorite, so good!), this serum, a little bit of rose hip seed oil to my face, and apply some under eye brightener (this stuff is gold).

Then I brush my hair, add some of my favorite hair oil to my ends (and all over my body if I’m being honest — it smells so good)  * should be noted that I generally shower at night, and wash my body at the gym after my workout.  I wash my hair about every other day. 

I add this lip balm that I LOVE, and head downstairs for breakfast. I also take my vitamins right after I eat (right now I’m taking this, this, this and this)

After I’ve eaten, I’ll brush my teeth (favorite toothbrush ever) and start my simple makeup process.

First, I use this SPF moisturizer (a light amount since I’ve already hydrated with rose oil and I just want some SPF protection), and then I add a light layer of this primer.

I dab a little concealer onto any breakouts I might have, and I add this pink under eye corrector that I was recently turned on to — and let me tell you, it eliminates dark circles like no one’s business.

Depending on the day and what I’m doing, I decide between this light tinted moisturizer or this amazing foundation that offers a lot more coverage.

I apply a little bit of this airbrush powder (I’ve been wearing this for years) some bronzer (I ignore the blush) on my t-zone for some light contouring, a dab of this blush (which lasts forever – I use the shade “haze”), and some liquid highlighter.

Since I got my lashes permed & tinted (along with my eyebrows), I don’t have to do anything to them which is amazing.

Then I’ll apply my favorite deodorant (yep, mens, haha!) and my perfume oil before adding some light curls to my hair using this curling iron which is awesome. My mom got it for me last year for my birthday, and it holds curls for up to two days. No exaggeration!

I spray it with a little bit of this (told you I’m obsessed with the smell), and then I’ll add some coconut oil all over my body for moisturizer before getting dressed or the day!

Throughout the day, I’ll add touch ups to my lips with this balm and this hand lotion.

Once dinner has been made and consumed, this is when I generally go upstairs and take a hot shower. I drop some lavender essential oil to the base of the shower and let it run for about 60 seconds before getting in. I dim the lights and light a candle. This is absolutely my time to unwind and relax from the day.

* Note: the master bathroom isn’t updated yet, so my beloved bath tub isn’t installed! Once this changes, you better believe I’ll be switching out those night time showers for the bath. It’s my happy place.

While I’m in the shower, I use this shampoo and conditioner (if it’s a wash day), this exfoliating face wash and this body wash. (I’ve also been using this for years)

Once I’m done, I throw on my bathrobe, brush out my hair, add my favorite hair oil as mentioned above (again, all over) and apply some toner, retinol cream and night serum.  I let that soak in before adding any moisturizer, so this is usually when I’m hanging out downstairs having a glass of wine or some tea.

Before I get into bed, I’ll add the same toner as the morning, this serum, followed by this night cream. Then I’ll floss and brush, fill up my humidifier, add some lavender oil into my diffuser. Lastly, I’ll lather myself in coconut oil, apply this lip balm, and get between the sheets.

So there you have it! That’s my super consistent beauty rhythm from start to finish. It’s funny how easy that was to type out, because it’s truly so embedded to my flow and what I’ve done for so long. I love that, though. It’s such a seamless movement that starts my day off on a calm foot, and ends with such a relaxed tone.

My Daily Beauty Rhythm - The Calm Collective

Do you have a morning rhythm or do you change it up from day to day?  

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