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Happy Tuesday, babes. I’m happy to report that the other day, I committed to getting a tree. I didn’t grow up with real ones, and sort of hate the idea of buying a real one that gets cut down and then thrown away after the holiday season is over. (no judgement, I just can’t really justify it for myself) So I went to the store to get a fake tree that I could easily store in my hall closet. Wouldn’t you know that when I pulled into my building’s garage, someone had GIVEN AWAY their 7 foot fake tree that was pre-lit?! I threw it into my car, returned the one I had just bought, and now have the perfect donated tree in the corner of my living room.

It’s making me very, very happy.

The holidays are always a little tricky for me and my family. As I’ve mentioned before, we lost my dad 8 days before Christmas. They’re hard in general when you’ve gone through loss,  and then add the timing and it’s fucking sucks, to be blunt. A few of you had asked if I would touch on getting through the holidays while suffering with loss, and it’s something that I’ve been talking about regularly with my grief coaching clients as of late) so make sure you check out that post if you haven’t yet already.

While I used to sort of drag my feet around this time of year due to overwhelming sadness, I’m trying to channel a different energy this time around – all while honoring how I truly feel. What does that mean? It’s like this: even though I’m sad and feeling a deep void that nothing can fix – that’s the reality, and nothing is going to change what my new normal is. Nothing will be able to take away the fact that my dad died 8 days before Christmas. It’s simply my reality.

So instead of fighting something (the holidays) that’s intended to be a warm and cozy time of year, why not lean in to it and embrace this chunk of time that’s filled to the brim with JOY, closeness, compassion and giving? With all of the angst and pain that’s going on in the world, dare I say it would be incredibly healthy for all of us to absorb all that this month has to offer? That’s where my headspace is, anyway.

Speaking of December, it’s intention setting time. But before we dive into this month, let’s do a short re-cap on how November looked:

Explore my relationship with yoga, sans judgement and pressure

Yep, I didn’t do this once. But that’s okay! It just hasn’t been how I’ve wanted to clear my head and heart-space. Instead, I’ve actually been feeling really drawn to running sprints for 15 minutes each morning, and going to a pilates class.

Dance at least once a week

…does my living room count? I haven’t been to Hubbard, but have the full intention of committing to it come 2019.

Try a couple of new recipes a week from my current favorite cookbook

Again, nope. I didn’t do this either! But in all fairness, it’s because I’ve been following TIU recipes closely, instead.

Okay, now let’s jump into December’s Intentions

Spend less, save more

This month is all about being super mindful with my money, and so far I’m loving the process. It’s been a game changer writing down every single purchase that I make and checking in at the end of each week to see where most of my money is going (the good news is that it’s generally around health & food, which I’m more than okay with).  I’m thinking of starting a Mindfulness Challenge come January 1 – and money will definitely be one of the first that I launch. What do you think?! Are you into this idea? Let me know in the comments!

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Watch more documentaries

Now that I’m single (not lonely – single :) a podcast episode is coming out about this subject, too!), and winter has hit, I end up watching movies after dinner which has become a little bit of a sacred tradition. I love finding new films that I probably wouldn’t have otherwise watched, BUT, I’m starting to realize that if I’m putting my time and energy into this, I’d much prefer to learn something. Therefore, I’m setting the intention to watch a couple of documentaries a week. If you have any recommendations, I’m all ears! Just leave a comment below.

Focus on the newsletter

I never thought that I’d love writing newsletters to my mailing list as much as I do – but here we are. Ever since I started the Monday Mindfulness series, I feel like I have this newfound intention (there’s that word again!) to show up in such an honest, vulnerable way with all of you who are choosing to opt in each week. Content that shows up there is far more detailed and personal than what I share here on the blog, and I’m putting in a lot of energy to ensure that you all know how grateful I am that you’re invested in my corner of the internet by giving you discounts, first looks into programs and challenges that I’m offering, and also encouraging all of you to hit “reply” to the emails when you want to talk about something with me. I’m a real person on the other side, and I absolutely love connecting with all of you. So while I’m not blogging constantly anymore (still each week!), I’m focusing more on the newsletter and the podcast.

If you want to sign up, you can do so here. You’ll also receive your FREE Mindfulness from A-Z guide when you do.

Meal prep for the week

This is something that’s brand new to me (I talked about this on Instagram yesterday), and to be honest something that I never had an interest in. But then I realized that I was just grazing mindlessly. I’d grab a snack here, a snack there, never really eating a meal until dinner, but also never really feeling that satisfied. I would also go to the grocery store and mindlessly (that word again) stroll the aisles and grab whatever looked good. Ask me how much food I would end up wasting (I really don’t want to tell you…) The other day, I was looking through my TIU Nutrition Booklet that I got years ago when I  signed up. They had updated the recipes, and everything was looking SO GOOD. I decided to try something new.. so I picked out my 5 small meals for each day of the week, and made a grocery list.  Can I tell you how much EASIER my shopping experience was? I also saved SO much money! I’m on Day 2 of this week and it’s made my mornings and afternoons so much easier. I’m so much more satisfied, and even have a batch of a super healthy dessert to ease my sweet tooth after dinner is over. (that recipe is coming soon!)

Thrift more clothes instead of buying brand new

My sister is amazing at doing this, but its just not something I ever think to do. That is until I cleaned out my closet recently and realized that some of the things I was giving away I literally wore one time. What a waste. I’ve also been on the path to trying to be more sustainable when it comes to fashion (here’s a great episode on my podcast for you to listen to if this interest you!) and there’s no better way to start than to shop second hand. Fortunately for me, the Goodwill by my place is INSANE. I attribute it to living in the west loop and it being a more “hip” area. We’re talking Paige and Rag and Bone jeans in perfect condition ($15!), Lululemon workout clothes ($7!), unworn Sam Edelman shoes ($2!) etc. Crazy, right? While I may not get everything from there (though that would be amazing), I’m certainly going to put in more effort to have that be my first stop when I’m looking for something to “up” my wardrobe.

So there you have it. This month’s intentions. Are you into setting intentions each month? If you have, I’d love to hear some of yours below! If you’re brand new to doing this, I encourage you to start small (maybe with 2-3 things) and build from there! Remember to give yourself grace in this process (like I did with November). These are NOT resolutions or goals… they’re intentions. They’re thought out hopes that you’d like to try and do more of. So show yourself some love here, babes. It’s all about just trying to do a little bit better each month. x

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