On a Mission to Create Calm Collectively.

Here at The Calm Collective, we are on a mission to help people create calm, collectively. We know 
all too well the growing rates of stress and anxiety in our society and the impact it is having on 
us all as individuals.

With that, we have created a space that not only teaches people to create calm in their lives, 
but also provides some helpful tips, tricks and tools to do so.

Our Calming Rings.

Our Calming Rings are the perfect tool to help you to create calm in your life. The spinning components
of our Calming Rings help to calm anxiety, curb fidgeting and prevent unhelpful skin picking habits.

With their beautiful designs, durability and calming abilities, they are a staple for those with anxious minds.

Shop the Collection
  • Composure Ring

    Our 'Composure' ring is a helpful tool to bring calm and composure into your life.

  • Just Breathe

    Our 'Just Breathe' ring is a reminder to do just that. Just BREATHE.

  • Serenity Ring

    Our 'Serenity' ring helps you to create a state of peace, calm and serenity into your life.

  • I have both ADHD and Anxiety and my new ring from The Calm Collective has been a game changer. I don't know where I would be without it!

    - Toni (21)

  • I often get compliments on
    my ring and when I share its benefits
    I only get more. 

    -Claire (32)

  • I wish I had found these rings sooner. They have helped with skin picking disorder and within only a few days have noticed an improvement in my skin and that my hands are less painful.

    - Michelle (24)