How to Care for Your Ring.

How to Care for Your Calming Ring.

1. Clean your ring.
No need to use any products on your ring. Simply wipe with a soft cloth to keep dust and dirt free. 

2. Your ring is tough, not invincible!
It's important to know when to leave your ring on and went to take it off. Our rings are suitable for most settings, just don't wear them whilst doing your gardening or when swimming in the sea.

3. Don't get your ring wet.
With that, don't get your ring wet. Due to the rings moveable parts, the ring may get damaged if it gets wet and not dried properly. Our rings are best kept out of water.

4. Be careful resizing the ring. 
Our rings are resizable. Great, huh? With that its important not to pull too harshly on the rings to avoid damaging them. Gently open each side of the ring until it reaches the required size. As easy as that!

5. Keep your ring safe.
Your ring may be small, but it is mighty! The last thing you want to be doing is losing it. Use our drawstring bag provided to keep your ring safe and sound.