A Personal Check In + The First Etsy Shop Spotlight With FisheyeBrooklyn

Etsy Spotlight: FisheyeBrooklyn Ceramic Tumblers - The Calm Collective

How is everybody’s headspace today? If you’re unfamiliar, Mercury is in retrograde (and will be for the next two weeks), so in case anyone hasn’t said this to you yet: you’re doing amazing. This is the time where it’s crucial to give yourself some grace, to let go of perfection (whatever the hell that word means), and to give yourself space from technology and to stray away from making any life-altering or financial decisions if you’re able.  Just be with yourself, be mindful of your thoughts, and remember that you’re not alone in this temporary shift.  I find that to be insanely comforting, actually. Looking around at strangers in this coffee shop while I write this post, and understanding full well that they, too, are probably feeling some major imbalance in life. We’re all in it together — all sharing this same home, so don’t take anything too personally (an aggravated driver on the road, a miscommunication with a friend or a partner, etc.)

PS: if you want to read more about retrogrades, I highly recommend this book. I’m reading it now and I’m knee deep. Literally can’t put it down. The science behind how the movements of the planets effect our energies and our lives is so fascinating, and I for one would rather stay in alignment through these shifts then feel like shit when they show face — which they will (like right now), multiple times a year.

OK, moving on!

Etsy Spotlight: FisheyeBrooklyn Ceramic Tumblers - The Calm Collective

So as you can tell from the post title, I’m introducing a new series on the blog today that I’m really excited about.  I absolutely love Etsy, as it’s been such an amazing tool for me to sell my prints and other creative endeavors. Supporting small businesses feels amazing, and having a one stop shop to do so makes it that much easier to fill the cups of those doing great work, and following their passions. SO! Every few weeks, I’m going to highlight a shop that I’m really loving, or that I myself have purchased from and want to highlight for all of you.

Etsy Spotlight: FisheyeBrooklyn Ceramic Tumblers - The Calm Collective


For the past several months, I’ve been gravitating (big time) towards ceramics.  The more imperfect, the better. There’s something about the rawness of ceramics that makes me feel connected to the person who made it… like I can see their patterns and almost hear their thought process while they’re forming their creation on the wheel.  I’ve been saying for a long time now that I’m going to take some classes and learn how to use the wheel myself.  I have yet to find a place here in Traverse City that has this sort of thing, but the hunt isn’t over ;) I know of a place in Chicago called Penguin Foot Pottery where you can sip on vino and learn ceramics, which doesn’t sound terrible either.

For some reason, I just feel a pull to do this.  Coffee mugs, tumblers, planters.. we’ll see.

When I came across FisheyeBrooklyn on Etsy, I was totally drawn to the simplicity of her work. Everything has such a lovely natural palette. I was especially drawn to these tumblers, which can be used for juice, wine, coffee, tea, a small plant, your toothbrush, etc.. the options are endless. I love anything that can be used in a multitude of ways — versatile purchases, we’ll call them ;)

Etsy Spotlight: FisheyeBrooklyn Ceramic Tumblers - The Calm Collective

Today through Wednesday (11:59EST), FisheyeBrooklyn is giving a 10% discount site-wide (excluding sale items) when you use the code CALM10 at checkout!  The shipping is quite fast (with the sweetest packaging), which is an extra bonus if you’d be purchasing these as a gift.  In addition to these tumblers, I absolutely love these and these.

Etsy Spotlight: FisheyeBrooklyn Ceramic Tumblers - The Calm Collective

If you have any recommendations of Etsy shops I should get in touch with for this series, feel free to let me know! I’m always love hearing from you guys and getting your feedback. You can send me a DM over on Instagram or email me at hello@thecalmcollective.com. x