My Favorite Travel Outfit & A Discount With Terracotta New York

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Black and White Dress (this is the exact same, except mine is sleeveless. They no longer have this option / Grey Sweatshirt Jacket (similar) / Apple Watch / Terracotta Cashmere Scarf (c/o)

Happy Monday, loves! It’s a brand new week and I for one am hitting the ground running. With another trip on the horizon (I leave Thursday, eek!) my to-do list is demanding a bit more attention than usual. However, with my new approach to calm and simple living, I’m giving myself all the grace and getting done only what HAS to be crossed off. Usually for me, this only involves deliverables to clients – whether that’s galleries or emails ;)

Speaking of travel – for the past couple of years this has been the name of the game. While I’m trying to scale back the frequency and only keep my traveling for weddings to a minimum and to places on my bucket list ;) I’ve already committed to several for this year, so it’s imperative that I’m comfortable during these long travel days.

Since I’ve minimized my closet by a landslide, keeping it mostly basics within the color palette of black, white, grey and navy (ha), this outfit right here has become my go-to. It really is so nice to take the guess work out of what I’ll wear, wondering if it will be reasonable when going through security, getting in and out of my seat on a plane, forgiving in ways of spills (guilty), and of course, forgiving in the way of wrinkles.

Well here you have it.

This dress is LITERALLY the most comfortable thing that I own. No joke. It’s super thin in material (but within reason – not see through! ;) form fitting to a flattering degree, with a little slit on the side that gives it a fun touch. Plus the white neck outline is a major plus for me since I’m such a sucker for the b&w combo. Biggest bonus? It costs next to nothing. They don’t have it in the razor back like I have, but they do have it in t-shirt form and I dig that all the same.

Because airports are notoriously cold, and depending on where I’m going – a jacket is paramount. This sweatshirt jacket is my all time favorite since it has larger pockets in the front (perfect for my ID and phone while waiting in security), is on the thinner side but still keeps me warm, and travels seamlessly without getting too wrinkled from those long flights.

Lastly, the one thing I now never leave without: my Terracotta Cashmere Scarf. I absolutely LOVE this thing.  Confession: this is the first (and only!) item of cashmere that I own – I know, so crazy! So it holds a super special place in my heart, and any possible chance I have to wear it, I do.   I truly think this is the ultimate travel accessory, as it keeps you warm on the plane whether it’s around your neck, your shoulders, or your legs as a cashmere blanket.  I’ve even gone as far as to use it as a swim suit cover up (when I’m dry!), and have tied it around my bag to make a little statement.  The zebras on it make my heart so happy (love myself a zebra – remember that b&w combo I was telling you about? ;)

The cutest thing of all? There’s a surprise giraffe on every scarf. Such a sweet little touch.

Fortunately for all of you, Terracotta is offering you guys 15% off when you order one of your own, now through the end of this month!  Use code CASSANDRAELDRIDGE.  As you guys well know, I’d never push a product that I didn’t love whole heartedly. These scarves? All the things.

What about you? What’s your go-to airport look? x

Terracotta Safari Scarf_Lifestyle Blogger and Photographer Cassandra Photo_2191Terracotta Safari Scarf_Lifestyle Blogger and Photographer Cassandra Photo_2193Terracotta Safari Scarf_Lifestyle Blogger and Photographer Cassandra Photo_2194Terracotta Safari Scarf_Lifestyle Blogger and Photographer Cassandra Photo_2195Terracotta Safari Scarf_Lifestyle Blogger and Photographer Cassandra Photo_2188Terracotta Safari Scarf_Lifestyle Blogger and Photographer Cassandra Photo_2189Terracotta Safari Scarf_Lifestyle Blogger and Photographer Cassandra Photo_2197

What To Wear To The Airport - Cassandra Photo

Photos by my girl Kristi Helm in beautiful Whitefish, Montana



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