Happy 4th of July… Week!

white wine at Mari Vineyards in Traverse City Michigan - The Calm Collective

Hey guys! Happy 4th of July…week? Quite honestly I forgot that people would be celebrating this past weekend, so when I was driving back home to Traverse City on Friday from Detroit after visiting a friend for a few days, the traffic was BEYOND bad due to everyone coming up for the National Cherry Festival (which goes for two weeks, through the 4th of July) Not smart on my part, but it’s so fun watching the city transform. Perhaps the traffic isn’t all that great ;) but so cool to watch this at-times-sleepy-town get some major love.

This past weekend was spent exploring other small towns that I hadn’t yet seen in Northern Michigan, and I was in heaven. Saturday a couple of our friends were camping over in Frankfurt, which is adorable and super super quaint. We visited a brewery, grabbed an early dinner at a restaurant called Fusion, and then headed to their camp ground to relax and eat some s’mores (my absolute favorite). On Sunday, I got to see one of my best friends who was up from Grand Rapids on her parent’s boat. They were anchored in Bay Harbor, another town I hadn’t been to, and it was BEAUTIFUL. We spent the afternoon swimming, and then cruised over to Harbor Springs which was another quaint town that reminded me a lot of Cape Cod. We just walked around for a bit, grabbed some ice cream, and headed back to Bay Harbor. By the time we got home, I was exhausted and ready to watch some West World and unwind (my new favorite show behind Handmaid’s Tale).

Since I’m claiming it as a holiday “week” and we have a lot of fun plans going on with some of my family coming into town and Traverse City being at an all time high of things to do, I’m going to be taking the week off of blogging and will probably be a little quiet over on social media, too. But come next Monday, we’ll be back with regular posts, a brand new podcast (it’s such a good one!), and life will resume as normal ;)

Thanks for your patience, and have the BEST (safe) 4th of July week! x

PS: A thoughtful curated shop of some of my favorite things and life essentials has been added to this blog! Hope you love.

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