3 Different Ways to Set Your Goals

3 Different Ways to Set Your Goals - The Calm Collective

I remember back in the super early days of blogging each month I would post a long list of goals that I wanted to tackle that month. It was a really gratifying practice, actually, but the only downfall was that I would make the list so long that:

  • it was absolutely unattainable

  • I would follow up the next month showing what all DIDN’T get done

So when the next month rolled around, you’d see half of the items with a strikethrough, and half of the items left untouched. What do you think happened, then? I’d go through those un-striked items and berate myself for not getting “x” done, and it would flow on over into the next month. That month’s list would then become absurdly long, and of course, the pattern would just repeat itself.  While the intention behind this was good, I ended up spending far more of my time explaining why certain things WEREN’T getting done and feeling bad about it, then I was celebrating what WAS getting done. I also wasn’t leaving room for life to happen in between all of these goals that I had set for myself. The low vibrations of my Virgo ways would set in, and I would be so determined and laser focused on the JOY I got from taking things off of the list, that I would consider it a failure if it remained.


But here’s the good news. My outlook on goals has changed entirely over the past couple of years, and those blog posts are in the past. Instead of using the word goal, I exchanged it for “intention”.  It has a much more mindful, lovely ring to it, and implies that I intend to get around to it, that it’s important, but if I don’t – it’s because life happened. Things shifted, as they so often do, and while the intention is still there to pursue x, y or z, failure isn’t a word that I use in my vocabulary anymore.

So I wanted to share 3 of the ways that I’ve learned to set intentions to ensure we’re being good to ourselves, and still reaching our fullest potential in the healthiest of ways.

Ready? Here we go.

3 Different Ways to Set Your Goals - The Calm Collective

3 Different Ways to Goal Set

  1. Make room for magic

If you fill your list up with 100 things that you want to get done that month, you’re leaving zero room for play, opportunity and magic. This is where SO many of the lessons are learned, where we evolve and we grow and we expand. When our list owns us, we find ourselves shutting down experiences that could take us, or our businesses, to the next level. Make sure you leave room for life to unfold itself to you, and don’t get so caught up in what you THINK you should be doing.

Mindful Memos To Do List by The Calm Collective

  1. Be flexible

Understand that life shifts and has so many twists and turns. That’s the beauty of it, really. We only have this present moment to live in, and as hard as we try, we’ll never be able to fully predict the future. Being flexible when you set your goals/intentions gives you the opportunity to be open minded and experience life to the fullest.

  1. Make room for others

Don’t get so caught up in what you think you should be doing that you forget to let others in and lend a hand. Asking for  help or welcoming in collaborations can be incredibly difficult, especially for all of my control freaks out there ;) I see you. But the fact of the matter is that WE NEED OTHER PEOPLE. We always will. Make room for humans to come in and guide you, to give you a fresh perspective, to shake things up. Don’t be so set in your ways that you forget  to open up your mind and expand into new rationals.

So what you do you think? Do you agree with these 3 points when it comes to setting goals and intentions in your life and within your career? They’ve transformed the way I think and handle my day to day ten-fold, and while I’m still a work in progress, it’s been so helpful for me to have these tools in my back pocket. I hope they help you, too. X

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