A Short List of Good Things

A Short List of Good Things - The Calm Collective

First things first: Happy Valentine’s Day! I’m currently nestled in San Francisco soaking up my sister and her sweet sweet babies. I couldn’t be happier.

Okay, on to today’s post: For any of you who write blogs, do you ever sit down to write this super impactful post filled to the brim with heartfelt tips and maybe a couple of personal stories to go along with it — only to open your laptop and go “I can’t. I just need something light. Something fun.”

Well that’s where I am today. I remember back when I used to do Friday’s Five. A little list of things I was loving every single Friday. I realized that I really miss that — the ease of sharing honest reviews on things I was enjoying, sharing a quote that impacted me or maybe even a food I tried that I swore I’d never like (olives!), or a little fleeting moment that felt incredibly fulfilling.

Because the truth is — while I love sharing my story and tips towards living a slow and mindful life (the good and the bad and the super difficult), I want to ensure that we’re spending time together in a light hearted manner, too. That you’re getting to know me on a “friend” level, if you will, and that I’m coming off as someone you can trust, someone you could envision yourself grabbing a coffee with.  I’d quite like to be that for you :)

So, once in a while — maybe every week, maybe not, I’m going to share a short list of good things. Nothing less, nothing more. Because just like our day to day lives, even this blog needs a source of balance between information and playful banter. So let’s pretend like we’re meeting for coffee (er, vino!), shall we?

Pull up a chair. Let me pour you a glass.

My Little List Of Good Things:

Peaky Blinders on Netflix

It’s been so long since I’ve found a show that has me craving for more the moment that an episode ends. The acting is phenomenal, and while I don’t generally enjoy shows that are set back in history, I can’t get enough of this enticing story.  Are any of you watching?

Oils instead of perfumes 

My mom is going to be so mad at me when I tell her about this, because we’ve deemed it as our “secret scent” haha! She found this roller oil first, and passed it along to me, but it’s so good that I can’t keep it from all of you. It feels like bad karma ;)  It’s heaven in a bottle, and if you don’t have multiple people a day complimenting the way you smell, then my name isn’t Cassandra.

Going out to eat alone

I’ve gotten really good at learning to enjoy this time with myself, even though a lot of people see this as strange.  I love not only the ability to concentrate solely on my food, but to use it as a time to practice being with myself and not relying on my cell phone or another person to fill the silence. That’s one of the main things I’ve found difficult during this journey towards slow and mindful living — appreciating the silence and the disconnect from technology. But I’m getting better at it day by day.

Olives and almonds, drizzled with olive oil

The perfect salty snack. That’s all, and you’re welcome. (it’s delicious)

The perfect pair of jeans

If I could wear this pair of Levi’s every day (I basically do), I would. They fit like a glove, are so incredibly soft, and I swear each time I wash them they get better and better.  I’m in the midst of phasing out my other few pairs of jeans for this brand because I love them so much — and that’s what it’s all about.

Lighting a candle

This is something I do whether it’s 9am and I’m sitting down to answer emails or write a blog post, or if it’s 6pm and I’m winding down from the day and gearing up to relax with a glass of wine while I cook dinner.  Lighting a candle has always been one of the biggest joys in my day to day rhythm. Clearly, it’s in the little things.

Long walks on the property

A few days ago, Chris and I decided to take Jasper out for a really long walk on the 6 acres we’re living on.  We hadn’t yet seen the peaks of it in the snow, and to put it simply — it was stunning.  There’s also something so rewarding about seeing your pet be active and getting exercise, and seeing them so incredibly happy and free.

Making time in the morning to enjoy my coffee and read in bed

I’ve never been someone who shoots out of bed first thing and starts my day. I have energy in the morning, for sure, but I swear it comes from allowing myself to wake up slow, take my time, and avoid any and all technology until I’m good and ready.  Right now I’m reading this book, and while it’s nerdy as all get out, it’s SO good. I can’t recommend it enough for anyone who feels like they need to become a better saver.

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