A Short List of Gratitude and Some Weekend Links

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Happy Friday, loves. It’s been a week of being one of the biggest homebodies on the planet and I have zero complaints about this lifestyle right now. I’ve truly only left my house to either go my ceramics class, take Jasper for walks, and going to barre. I did also work out of a coffee shop on Wednesday, so that feels like a victory. 

But I love how this time around, there was zero judgement tied to any of it. It’s what’s been feeling good to me – to be in my space, warm and cozy, journaling like rapid fire and just creating from a place of total authenticity. So while I had a really rough week last week (which you can read about here), it turned into this massive wave of wanting to create from a really sacred space. All that to say, there’s a lot to be grateful for this week, so let’s dive in to this week’s short list. 

A Short List of Gratitude

• I re-launched Season II of the podcast, which is available now if you’d like to listen :) I ended up posting three episodes at once to give you all more content to listen to right off the bat, and then new episodes will launch every Friday thereafter.  Due to being a homebody like I mentioned, I was able to get a lot of recording done, and feel really, really good about it. I hope you do, too!

• This is going to sound super strange, but I created a little meditation area in my closet, ha. I Kon Mari-ed everything in my place last week, which felt really really good, and ended up having half of my closet free. Since I do get a lot of street noise in my unit, recording podcasts is always really tough because the microphone picks up EVERYTHING. So I got desperate and just sat in my closet, closed the door and started recording. The sound was perfect, and I realized I really liked it in there, so I brought in some pillows and a blanket, and actually mediated and journaled from there the other morning. Hey, it works!

• This book. Whenever I’m feeling a disconnect, I always come back to it and feel so ignited and aligned. You should see the poor thing – it’s dog-eared like you wouldn’t believe! 

I mention it over here in this post, too.

• Speaking of books, I’m so grateful for this one which I’m reading now and the author herself. She’s hands down my favorite writer. I can’t explain what it feels like to read her words. She’s SO gifted, and has such a way with telling stories. I’m just glad she’s walking this earth (and if you don’t follow her on Instagram, do that right now)

• Barre classes. I can’t tell you how in such little time my body feels like it’s the strongest it’s ever been. Plus I just really love all of the teachers and the women that come into the classes. The energy there is amazing. It also doesn’t hurt that it’s literally right below my apartment. Talk about convenient!

• Trader Joe’s. That’s mundane, but gratitude lists are all about the little things and I just have to shine a light on them for a second. They make the grocery shopping experience both relaxing and exciting. How do they do that? You never know what new thing you’re going to come across when you’re there, and you just cannot beat the prices.  Side note: I haven’t been drinking for the past two weeks, and just have to say – do you have any idea how much money you save when you aren’t buying wine?! It’s insane.

Let’s jump in to some things worth sharing from around the internet (mainly product based this week since I have some things I’m loving that I want to share with all of you!)

Some Weekend Links

• A little plug of my own with my photography business – I’m offering mini sessions throughout the month of February every Sunday for those of you who are in (or might be visiting) Chicago! You can get more information on that right here.

• This oil started out as a little project and it’s quickly turning into a game changer for my skin. I’ve been pairing it with this moisturizer either in the morning or at night (sometimes both), and it’s dramatically improved any discoloration or dark spots that I’ve gotten from scarring or sun damage.

• I’m sure you’re already well aware, but just in case, you must binge this on Netflix. Consider it self love / self help.

• I’m addicted and I can’t be stopped. Truly one of my favorite parts of my days.

• I have this cookbook in my cart, and am mainly intrigued due to the fact that it’s dedicated towards meal prepping (which is something I’ve talked about here on the blog) I’m brand new to it, but loving it thus far.

What are you grateful for this week? 

PS: 5 Ways To Create a Healthy Work/Life Balance & Vegan Almond Butter Breakfast Cookies

Season II of the Podcast is now available!

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