Short List of Good Things + Some Weekend Links

Berry Midi Skirt from Asos and Leith VNeck Sweater from Nordstrom - The Calm Collective

Leith Wrap Sweater (so incredibly soft, and I also have it in this color | similar) • Berry Button-up Midi Skirt (a go-to staple this fall) • EarringsStone RingRope Ring • Gold Band

Happy Friday! I for one am so thankful that it’s here, because it’s the first weekend since I moved back that I’ll have to myself to decompress after a LOT of shooting (see Gratitude List below on that note), lounge around to my heart’s content, and catch up with a couple of the friends that I haven’t yet seen since I’ve been home. I’m also trying to prepare myself for what lies ahead over the next month since I know its going to be incredibly busy on the work front (again, grateful) and some really lovely travel plans on the horizon. This means paying close attention to my calendar, mapping out time for self care and rest, taking care of my body every single day, and nourishing my relationships by making space to be with them and be fully present.

Also, I can’t tell you how excited I am to be going to my first Chicago sporting event since I’ve been back home! For all the times I’ve moved out of state (3 times to be exact), I’ll be the first to admit that that’s always been a sacrifice. I know that might sound silly, but I really do value and love Chicago sports (mainly the Bulls: big fan ever since I was a little girl), but the Bears, Cubs and Hawks are included in that too. Tomorrow I’ll be going to the Hawks game, and I can’t wait.

I’ve also been thinking about my competitive figure skating days a lot as of late, mainly due to the fact that the new MB Ice Arena where they practice is right around the corner from my place. It’s therapeutic for me to be inside of a rink. The smells, the energy, the speed, the footwork, jumping, etc. I love pushing myself and seeing what’s muscle memory and what needs some work (lets be honest – most of it needs some work). So right now I’m on the hunt for a pair of skates similar to what I had back when I was competing. Thankful for platforms like OfferUp and Craigslist, but if any of you happen to have some used figure skates lying around, please don’t hesitate to let me know the size and brand! I just might be interested in taking them off your hands :)

Okay, lets jump in.


• Fall temps have commenced. Sweaters and boots are now the only options when getting dressed, and I have zero complaints. I took Jasper out this morning and saw my breath – I wasn’t even mad about it.

Hot coffee in the morning with a side of writing (my current situation), and one of these mid-day.

• The rings I wear every single day. I know that sounds weird, but I bought them for myself, and they weren’t necessarily cheap (the stone ring and the gold band especially), but I have a major wave of self love that come over me whenever I catch a glimpse of them, and when I put them on each morning.

• The flow of my work since I’ve moved back. I’m most grateful for this these days.

• Reader feedback. I mean it when I say that your emails and DMs lift me up in a way I can’t even describe. Yesterday, for example, I had the author of The Reluctant Healer (the book I talk about here) email me directly with the most profound statement about what my review meant to him and his family (so amazing), and another woman who’s going through a hard time and just wanted me to know that my words matter to her. Honestly? That’s all that matters to me.

a few things I’m coveting



How to help those affected by Hurricane Michael 

This is on my list of things to cook this week, followed by these

You can’t make me take this off. I won’t do it. (size down one size)

• I’ve been using this on my face a couple of times a week and I’m loving the results the next morning. Glow for the win. (plus its safe)

How can I know myself if I’m constantly changing?

• Now that the temps have dropped here in Chicago, I’ve been wearing this coat (and getting a lot of compliments! I purchased a small)

This will be my next Amazon purchase (and then I’ll never leave my bathroom)

My girl did it again. (in love with the trio bowls)

• I came across this article on my friend Bridget’s blog, and it’s an important read.

• Has anyone tried this yet? I’m intrigued.

In case you need some DIY Halloween costumes for yourself this year, you probably already have all you need.

So there you have it! This week’s short list of gratitude and some weekend links to flow you into this weekend. Wherever you are and/or however you’re feeling, just a little love nudge that you’re exactly where you need to be. x

Here’s what went live on the blog this week, in case you missed it:

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