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Happy Friday! I for one didn’t sleep all that well, and I know it’s in part to the fact that I got my nails done yesterday, and whatever clear coat they put on them make them GLOW IN THE DARK. Can you believe that? It’s 90% hilarious, and 10% ridiculous (maybe more than 10% ridiculous). I just kept opening my eyes to look at them, and then I’d start laughing. So I’ll definitely be getting that fixed this morning.

This week was all about playing catch up for me after Thanksgiving. I’m so (so, so) happy to report that I’m back in the swing of things with Season 2 of the podcast, and that I’ll be airing a couple of new episodes before we get back into the holiday season, and regular episodes flowing in after that! So if you haven’t subscribed yet, go ahead do that here. This will also give you some time to catch up on the 15 previous episodes before Season 2 kicks off! (If you don’t have iTunes, you can listen here)

The hiatus was way longer than anticipated (never doing that again – I was going through withdrawal), but I guess it’s easiest to say that my soul needed to take the time to work through some things before going “live”. That’s the major difference between blogging and podcasting. When you blog, you can carefully choose your words. If you type something that feels scary or you’re just not ready to share, you simply hit the “delete” key. With podcasting, while you can edit an episode, it’s FAR more difficult. Since it’s just you talking into a microphone, essentially having a conversation with hundreds, thousands of people on the other side, you’re just… showing up 100% as you are. It feels almost impossible to filter – and to be honest, I don’t really want to.

So the first couple of episodes will certainly pack some punch, because they’re episodes that for a long time I was avoiding recording.  But, I finally overcame the fear and I feel like I’m 1,0o0 pounds lighter, I swear.

PS: before we get started on my gratitude list & some weekend links, would you take just 60 seconds to fill out this anonymous survey I created? I would be so, so grateful.

OK, now let’s jump in!


• I just signed up for the SWEAT app (BBG) and it’s crazy how in just 3 short days, my body is already changing. The workouts are REALLY hard, but also completely doable. So far I’ve done her HIIT workouts and arms, and today I am so sore (to the point where I’m still in bed, haha) Needless to say, I’m feeling grateful for a body that can tolerate high intensity workouts.

My Himalayan Salt Lamp. I recently pulled this out from a bin that I had in my closet that was still housing a few decor items, and I forgot how much I love it. The light it gives off is so incredibly soothing, especially when night time comes around (but I leave it on all day if I’m home)

• The snow here in Chicago. Two things to be grateful for here: The first is that it’s not really sticking, so it’s making it super easy to get around. The second is that the sun is shining pretty much every day, so it doesn’t feel like the intense gloomy winter that’s sure to show it’s head here soon. Just being able to enjoy how pretty it is when it falls, and then not having to deal with it when walking around or driving is pretty great :)

The Monday Mindfulness series and how many of you have signed up this month. For those of you who might be unfamiliar, it’s just one email a week from me to you, every Monday, sharing messages around mindfulness, some of my own personal tips and tricks, and my own battles with learning to live in sync with my authentic self. This is content that doesn’t go live on the blog.

This little project of mine is really, really special to me because I’m starting to focus a lot more of my efforts on catering to those of you who really want to take away something from this site. When you sign up for my email list, you’re basically telling me: “I’m in – I want to learn, I want to hear the real, raw stuff that you’re going through now and have been through in the past, and I want in on the movement, too.” I’m really, really grateful for the community that we’re building and can’t wait to continue to better serve you.  If you want to join in, you can sign up here and get a FREE copy of my Mindfulness from A-Z Guide.

• Sand & Fog candles. Have you heard of this company? You can get them at TJMaxx, Marshalls or Home Goods and they’re literally, at most, $14 for the super large 3-wick candles. The scents are amazing (not too over powering), and the best part is that they’re made with pure essential oils (so you’re not loading your home with toxins). The branding is beautiful, so keep your eye out the next time you’re running errands! You’ll love them, I’m sure if it :)


• My best friend Lindsay sent me these pajamas (this is the top, these are the bottoms) in the mail yesterday and I love them so much, I have to have a legit conversation with myself to get dressed in the morning. Just want to live in them!

• How cute is this Tiny House in San Francisco that me, my mom and Jasper are staying in over Christmas?! I love it so much – there’s even a fireplace. My sister’s house is amazing, but it’s really small and cozy. So having 3 adults and 3 kiddos is a little bit of a tight fit ;)

• Speaking of Christmas: are you guys still knee deep in shopping for the holidays? If you need some help, you can check out my holiday gift guides. There’s one for him and for her.

• Have any of you watched the Netflix Documentary Series called DOGS? I am dead over this. I literally cry so hard at every episode, and smother Jasper in love while we watch. He’s also always so confused while we’re watching it because of all of the dog sounds.. but I’m convinced he’s into it, too.

• I’ve been getting so many compliments whenever I wear this backpack (which is almost every day). I couldn’t love it enough (Matt & Nat is one of my favorite companies), and use it for every day wear when I’m working from a coffee shop or just running errands (it fits a lot of stuff so I don’t need to carry around shopping bags).

• Lastly, I posted it above but just in case – would you mind taking just 60 seconds to fill out this short survey that I created? It’s designed for me to be able to better serve you as my readers so that you continue to gain real value from this site. Thank you so much!


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