reSURAFCE • grief coaching

This program focuses solely on your grief loop, as I refer to it.

In this program we hone in on:
  • honoring the space that we’re in, not judging it
  • moving through the experience, opening up our throat chakra to be able to talk openly and freely about your experience
  • noticing the patterns of your grief loop
  • finding any harmful behavioral patterns (void filling, negative thought patterns, destruction, etc)
  • and much, much more.

rePURPOSE • mindfulness coaching

This program focuses on ridding anxiety, depression, overwhelm, impulsive behaviors, emotional out-lash, etc.
In this program we hone in on:
  • finding where these patterns originally stemmed from
  • learning about your triggers and calling them by name
  • clearing out your mental and physical space
  • how you interact within your personal relationships
  • and much, much more.

Below is some more info to help navigate which is right for you:

  • These are one-on-one coaching sessions that will be 1 hour long, either 1 or 2 times a month.
  • These calls are intended to help you move through feeling stuck, and get to the root of the healing in whatever way that looks like for you, in a safenonjudgmental space that moves at your own pace.
  • The coaching will come from a place of my own personal experience with healing (through grief, anxiety, depression, impulsive behaviors, etc) which is married with the life coaching skills that I’ve gained through courses and programs.

For inquiries, further questions and to see about availability and pricing, please email, subject line: COACHING