My Thoughts on The Hearth & Hand x Magnolia Collection

Hearth and Hand with Magnolia Collection at Target - The Calm Collection

Stoneware Pitcher | Ceramic Coffee Mugs

As many of you know, especially if you follow along on Instagram, my home is so incredibly important to me and my well being.  I don’t know the exact time that I realized this about myself, but I think it was in college – my junior year apartment that I shared with two of my girlfriends. I remember walking up into my lofted bedroom, honoring how much pressure I was under for school, and just knowing that I wanted a retreat to come home to every day after class. Somewhere I could do my pilates, somewhere I could peacefully write my essays, somewhere I could unwind.  It’s so bizarre to rewind more than a decade and see that I’ve always needed that calm and serenity.  I didn’t always get it, but I needed it to be my best self.

I painted this milky shade of light purple (not a color I’ve used since), had white twinkle lights throughout, black wooden letters that spelled out INSPIRE hanging over my bed, and candles in every little nook I could find.  It was my escape, and the first time I fell in love with interior design.

It’s certainly evolved since then – I’ve gone from appreciating simplicity, embracing white as one of my favorite colors, and looking to nature for my inspiration.  Which leads me to today’s topic: the Hearth and Hand With Magnolia collection that Target is hosting. I know, everyone and their sister are talking about this, so I certainly don’t mean to be an echo.  However I want to talk about how I came across this collection accidentally, how it evoked an emotional response, and what I found true value in bringing home with me.

Hearth and Hand with Magnolia Collection at Target - The Calm Collection

My favorite pieces from the Hearth and Hand Magnolia Collection

On November 5th I went to my local Target to find some cloth napkins (trying to be a good one and reduce waste and stop using so many paper towels), and saw the cutest little arch way in the middle of the home decor section. Intrigued, I walked in and immediately got wide eyed and curious. Who was this designer? Why did it feel like a warm hug? And then I saw the sign: Chip and Joanna Gaines of Fixer Upper.  Now yes, like the rest of the world I love the show. Like the rest of the world I’m also sad that they’re no longer airing the show.  But what I really love about them is their approach to life.  While watching the show occasionally (usually as background noise) I always took notice of how they balanced out their time, made each other and their family their main priority, and truly valued the simple things in life – regardless of their demanding schedules.

I gravitated towards their simple living mindset, especially since this was around the time that I had just begun my journey. It’s not that I felt like I had to purchase whatever they were selling because I imagined that it would then, too, make my life look like theirs. Rather it just so happens to fall in line with my personal style through and through.  So when I walked into their new set up, I kind of felt like I was home – as cheesy as that may sound.

I didn’t buy much, but I did come home with a few pieces that I intend on keeping for years down the road. Like these ceramic back mugs, stone pitcher, this cozy candle (with the best jar for reusing around the home), these oven mitts and this vase.  Also (hopefully he’s not reading this post!) But I’m getting Chris this metal log holder. The chalet that he just bought in Traverse City has a charming old fireplace, and I felt like this would add the perfect touch.

So on this Monday morning, wherever you might be, and whether you’ve shopped the collection or simply admired it from afar, I hope this serves as a reminder to forge your own path and to honor your own taste. To purchase mindfully; to buy what brings you joy and discard the rest. To keep creating a home that brings you comfort, is your solace after a long day. and continues to inspire you to create your best life – day in and day out. x

hearth and hand magnolia collection at Target - The Calm Collection