Bringing Life Back To The Holidays and Embracing Traditions

The Calm Collective Holiday Card with Basic Invite. Embracing Traditions with holiday cards. - The Calm Collective

It’s a little nuts to think that Christmas is less than a month away – that the cyber deals are over, the craze of Christmas shopping goes back to a neutral steady pace (for most of us, anyway) and things resume on as normal. Christmas trees are hung and you start to notice holiday music in every single scenario where music might play. It’s a unique time of year, and one that I used to get so excited about – but now, I have a little dull ache each year.  I lost my dad almost four years ago just eight days before Christmas. The last photo I have of him and my mom is her holding a mistletoe above him while he lay on the couch. Our Christmas tree was in view when he left us Earth side, and I remember wrapping up a gift that he bought for my mom, but never got to give to her. We sat around in a circle, opening presents so quietly that you could hear a pin drop. Then, we hopped on a plane and headed back to Chicago from Florida to arrange for his service.

Strange holiday, right?

I’m learning now, more than ever, that the holidays are what we make of them. Little by little, I’m gaining more excitement for the human nature of embracing Christmas again in all of it’s cheesy music and pretty white lights glory, and also looking to the future and knowing that one day, when I have a family of my own, it will take on a whole new meaning.  The holidays won’t always be painful – but they’ll always have a void.  The key? Acknowledge who you’re missing and bring them alive through your traditions.  I’m working on that each year that passes.

The Calm Collective Holiday Card with Basic Invite - The Calm Collective

One tradition that I’ve kept for some years now (since I brought my pup Jasper home five years ago) is sending out simple holiday cards to friends, family, and those related to my business (clients, supportive companies, etc)  Usually it’s a goofy picture of Jasper wearing some ridiculous costume I’ve forced him into while I’m holding him in some human form, but this year, I really wanted to keep it simple. I wanted it to reflect my insides, and how I’ve been feeling for majority of my days. I wanted it to reflect calm, hope and inner peace – and with my holiday cards from Basic Invite, I feel like I accomplished just that.

I sat down one afternoon trying to decide which design I wanted to send out, and was amazed by how many options of luxury Christmas cards they had to choose from. Over 250 design options and over 40 different envelope colors. Also, I LOVE that they have the peel and stick envelopes rather than the adhesive that you have to lick. Few things freak me out more :)  More than anything, I was amazed by how easy it was to build the cards, and how much you’re able to customize them.  I was so tempted by all of their foil holiday cards which you can get in either gold, silver or rose gold – either flat or raised – but I was drawn to one template specifically and knew it was the perfect fit.  Below is the one I chose (don’t tell Jasper he’s not in it this year) and what it looked like before I made my own edits:

The Calm Collective Holiday Card with Basic Invite - The Calm Collective

I’ve never designed holiday cards where I had so much control over what the end result looked like.  I picked this template, played around with their selection of over 180 colors to choose from (for backgrounds or any little detail that has color on your template like the moon and the stars you see above, or your fonts – which you can also change!) and was able to see a preview of the card I designed instantly to get the full effect of the finished product before I ordered in bulk to send to the businesses that have helped support The Calm Collective throughout the year.

Designing and ordering holiday cards can be a super daunting task. I’ve been in that headspace before, and I was tempted to call it quits on this tradition I had started for myself last year (it was such a headache), but after using this company, my little tradition is far from over.  They even have an address capturing service!  Basically, you can share a link on any of your social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, etc) and request your friend’s and family’s addresses which immediately gets stored into your Basic Invite account.  Then, when you’re ready to design your envelopes, you simply select the person you’d like to send to. They also do address printing on the envelopes for no extra charge.  Pretty amazing; especially if you’re doing a larger order say for a holiday party where you’re using their holiday party invitation template or if you’re sending out company Christmas party invitations.  This streamlines the process for you and keeps things simple – which you know I’m all about.

The Calm Collective Holiday Card with Basic Invite - The Calm Collective

The coolest part is that they send you a FREE printed sample to your home so you can see exactly how it will print as well as feel the paper quality before committing to your order.  The shipping is super fast, so it doesn’t put you in a bind with timing, either.   The bonus? Right now they’re offering 30% off holiday cards with the code: holi30.  If holiday cards are something that you do each year, or it’s a tradition that you’d like to start,  I’m excited for you to try this company and to hear what you think about the simple design process.  I feel confident that you’ll love it :)

This post is in sponsorship with Basic Invite. All thoughts and opinions, as always, are my own. Thank you for supporting the companies that make The Calm Collective possible! x

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