An Honest Tria Hair Removal Review

An Honest Review of The Laser Hair Removal - The Calm Collective

Happy Monday! I’m pretty excited to kick the week off and talk about one of the coolest (and smartest) purchase that I’ve made to date. I’m going to fill you all in on my experience. I’m going out on a limb here and I’m covering laser hair removal because I, for one, am such a fan. It’s no surprise to any of you that have been following along with this blog that I’m very much into keeping things simple. My beauty routine is no different. So when laser hair removal became a “thing”, I was on board almost immediately.  Getting rid of shaving all together? Um, sign me up, please and thank you. 

So at the risk of being a little too TMI, I’m going to cover the bases so you can make an educated decision for yourself. Because I’ve done it all — I’ve gone to a fancy cosmetic dermatologist (two, actually), and I’ve gone to a little hole in the wall shop (that was actually great) and as you can probably tell — I also own the Tria. 

There are serious benefits to all 3 options, and I’ll break those down throughout this post —  and I’ll also tell you the ins and outs of my experience with the Tria and where I’m at with it today. Ready? Here we go :)

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Meet The Tria Hair Removal Laser 4x

This hand held device created by Tria Beauty is both pretty to look at and easy to use.  Available in multiple colors, the Tria relies solely on an outlet charge, and you’re able to get 35-40 minutes of use per charge. I’ve never had it run out of battery while using it, but I always stand by the rule of thumb that when you’re done using it, plug her in.

Now you might be wondering: Is the laser safe? 

Not only is it safe (the first to be FDA approved for home use), but it’s so incredibly easy that you’ll start to wonder if it’s too good to be true (it’s not — I’m proof).  The Tria 4x uses the same diode laser technologies that the dermatologists use, which permanently stops hair growth by disabling the follicles.  Make sure you read your manual from front to back, that you fully understand the device (again, it’s simple), and that you’re 100% certain about where you want to rid yourself of hair before you begin.

My Honest Tria Hair Removal Review 

An Honest Review of The Laser Hair Removal - The Calm Collective

 First things first, the cost.

When I first bought the Tria, is was mainly due to finances and the simplicity.  I’m not sure how much you know about laser hair removal treatments, but they’re EXPENSIVE (like $1,000+ range) for 6 treatments, but the average person needs about 12 for permanent results. That’s a lot of moola. Not only that, but that’s just for one area (say, your legs for example) TMI, but I don’t like body hair… so for everything that I’d want (under arms, legs, arms, the southern region) we’re looking at close to $4k for HALF of the recommended treatment.  Holy shit, right?

So while I did that for a while (6 treatments on my under arms and southern region) and it worked, after about a 18 months I noticed some growth, thought it was super, super fine. Instead of going back for more treatments and dropping even more cash, that’s when I heard about the Tria and decided to give that a go.  It runs at $450, which when you think about is a total steal. Too good to be true? I had to find out.

Hair Removal: I started with my under arms to get comfortable with the device.

The biggest thing is to shave immediately before using, but to avoid ANY and all waxing or tweezing, so it’s best to include the Tria as a part of your getting ready/shower routine. So you’ll need to add about 15-30 minutes, depending on where you’ll be using the Tria. I prefer to sit down on the couch in my towel, turn on some TV and get to work, haha.

Does it hurt? 

There are levels, which I like (ranging from 1-5).  So you’re able to control the power of the Tria to your comfort level. I started pretty low since I was a tad nervous. Then once I realized how painless it really was, I cranked it up all the way to a 5 for my under arms and my legs. Which speeds the process up a ton and produces better results. Keep in mind that some areas will be more sensitive. So you may have to live closer to the 3 region (hello, bikini area).  I did this about 2 times a week for two months before I noticed that the growth had pretty much stopped. Now I’m down to using it a couple times a month.  Easy breezy.

The bikini area took no time at all to conquer (similar to the under arms). While the lower leg area is a little bit harder to tackle, due to it being a larger area. The ankle region is a little tough due to the bones and awkward angles, but once you do it a few times, you get into a flow and it becomes second nature. Each leg takes about 30 minutes each, so this is something I generally do on Sundays while catching up on Netflix or listening to music with some wine. Self care, anyone?

Which body parts to avoid 

Do yourself a favor and AVOID ANY AREAS WITH TATTOOS. Here’s a quick, crazy story for you: when I got my bikini area done at a laser center, she went over a tattoo that I have on my lower hip and it BURNED HALF OF MY TATTOO OFF.  Isn’t that insane? Now that, was painful. Now mind you, it wasn’t the Tria, but take it from me and be on the safe side… avoid going over any tattoos.  (I was able to get the tattoo re-done and covered, so all is well.. just FYI)

Does your hair grow back? 

When I first got the Tria, I used it religiously 2 times a week for two months before I noticed that the growth had stopped.  Now I’m well aware that in about six months or so, I will probably have to do some light maintenance (maybe one treatment a month) to continue to fight off hair follicles that I may not have gotten to, but this happens even with laser center treatments (hence the recommended 12 sessions), so don’t be discouraged if you notice some slight regrowth. It could just be that you didn’t properly target the follicle and that area just needs a bit more attention.

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An Honest Review of The Laser Hair Removal - The Calm Collective

Personally, I found the purchase to be completely worth it. 

It’s saved me thousands of dollars. I don’t mind the act of sitting down and pampering myself. So the time it takes to do so far outweighs the price tag of going to a dermatologist or a laser center to have them do it.

What body parts can you use the laser for?

As mentioned above, you can use the Tria on your face, under arms, arms, legs and bikini area. For best results, you want to make sure that you have some sort of barrier or gel. Tria has one, which is great, but once I ran out of that I started using coconut oil and personally I think that works just as well.  If you find that you’re more sensitive to this device, you could see about getting a prescribed numbing gel from your doctor to use during your at home treatments.

Here’s a quick video that Tria made that breaks down how to use the product.  

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Tria Hair Removal Pros 

-You’re in the comfort of your own home

-You are saving thousands of dollars

-You’re in charge of your own results

-You can control the level

-You’re able to use it as little or as often as you like

-You can take it with you anywhere

-It has a super quick charge turnaround

-It’s visually pleasing to look at

-Quicker results than going to a laser center (you have to wait about a month in between each treatment)

Tria Hair Removal Cons 

-Commitment time is higher to reaching your desired look

-The item is a bit heavy

-The application process can be a little tedious (but once you get into a groove, you get over it)

-The metal tip can get hot (I use level 5) so you may need to take a break here and there during treatment

Where to buy the Tria Hair Removal Laser 4x 



-Tria Website

An Honest Review of The Laser Hair Removal - The Calm Collective

So there you have it. My honest review on the Trial Laser Hair Removal 4x, and why I’ll never pay thousands of dollars for a laser center treatment again. If you have any questions that you’d like to ask me about my personal experience that I didn’t answer here, feel free to find me over on Instagram and send me a DM! I’m happy to help in any way I can. x

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