What Makes Your House A Home?

What Makes Your House a Home - The Calm Collective

This is something that I’ve been thinking of a lot recently.  Interior design is one of my biggest hobbies, and certainly the first thing I say whenever I get the question, “if you weren’t a photographer then what would you be?”  I love it so much, and it brings me a lot of joy, but there’s a misconception that lies within the art of interior design.

Shopping the aisles of Home Goods, buying things online for your home to replace something else, the never-ending comparison game when you’re looking at different homes on Pinterest, etc.

Rather than fall down this rabbit hole of purchase after purchase and design change after design change, I’ve instead been asking myself the question above:

What makes your house a home?

For me, home is sunlight and fresh air.  Earthy tones and my own personal photographs hung on the walls.  A dog greeting me at the door when I get home.  A warm, comfortable bed. Peace and quiet and friendly neighbors.

When doing this exercise, not one thing along the lines of “a really cute throw” or “the latest bluetooth gadget” or “a vintage turkish rug” even came to mind.  It was all about the feeling that my home gives me when I walk into the door, or have had a super long day and just want to relax on my sofa.  Instead of looking at my place as a storage unit, I’m working on viewing my home as a place that keeps me safe and warm. A place that takes care of my most prized possessions.

My living room rug not being one of them.

So what are my prized possessions you might be wondering? Because let’s be honest – I’m not trying to say that nothing in my home matters to me. If a fire happened tomorrow, there are a few things I would reach for.

  1. My dad’s ashes (they are in a bag in a box, which also holds significant items that he’s given to me over the years)
  2. Jasper (my 4 1/2 year old mini golden doodle)
  3. My dad’s cartouche necklace
  4. My journals

See the theme here? All of these things specifically, are not replaceable.   Everything else falls by the wayside and can be replaced or are backed up online. My computer gear? It’s all insured. Computers? Yep, insured.

When you start to train your brain to see things from this point of view, your material possessions have less of a hold on you, which frees you up to feel less stress, more joy, and actually stops the craving to purchase things out of desire, rather than out of need.  When you look at things as just that.. a “thing”.. it holds less value almost immediately.

Try out this mentality for a few weeks. Let me know if you notice a change in how you approach material things. x

What Makes Your House a Home - The Calm Collective

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