5 Unconventional Tips To Get Back Into Your Fitness Routine

fitness routines


Mesh top – Old Navy (old) but this one is similar / Sports bra (black) – Adidas (I also just bought this one, and I’m obsessed with how these fit – PS: they’re on MAJOR sale!) / Shoes – Nike (old) but these are similar / Black and Grey Crop Workout Pants – Old Navy (old) but these are similar and I also got these for Christmas and I’m OBSESSED with them. / This is the gym bag that I use, and I can’t workout with out one of these

Happy Hump Day, babes! I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’m currently sitting in my home office, bundled up in a super warm robe with a blanket over my lap, slippers on my feet, a hot Nespresso to my right and shivering my brains out. I’m so cold. Yesterday my mom was in from the Gulf side and we were bundled up to the nines for our walk on the beach. I’m serious. I had a packable down on, long workout pants and even a beanie hat. WHATISHAPPENING. The beach was still amazing and I don’t know why I don’t take walks there more often (I intend on changing that) but I am so over this cold front. My swim suit misses me, my dresses are collecting dust, and I feel very confident that “bad weather” follows me and Trent everywhere. But okay, I’m done complaining especially since I know a lot of you are dealing with snow and harsh winds.  Soon, moving on :)

I have been wanting to write a post like this for a while, because recently, I found myself in such a horrible place with my workouts. I was so insanely unmotivated, uninspired, and was getting so bored with fitness in general. So I decided to make some major changes and take full responsibility for my health and wellness. No excuses, right?  I spent so much time paroozing the interwebs for tips and tricks, and all I could find was the same old thing. You know, “make an uplifting playlist!” or “lay your workout clothes at the end of your bed!” and of course this one: “meal prep!” Blah. It just literally didn’t click for me, so I decided to take it into my own hands. Below you’ll find my 5 (more unconventional) tips that have really helped me. So let’s go! 

fitness routines


1. Create a schedule that’s realistic for you. 

For me, this means going to the gym at 6pm isn’t going to be as rewarding of a workout than if I went at say, 10 or 11am. Why?  Early afternoon is when I carry most of my high-energy.  Come 4pm, my body is in total relax/unwind mode.  I kept trying to fight this and would meet Trent at the gym after his work day, and would always end up leaving feeling “meh” – but now that I workout at the time of day that’s right for my internal clock? It makes a world of difference. (note: the exception here is my favorite Zumba class on Monday nights, and late night vinyasa yoga for it’s relaxing purposes!)

For those of you who have demanding work schedules, I totally get that it may not be realistic for you to leave work at 10:30 am to take in a class or do some strength training. However, if earlier in the day works for you — take your hour lunch break and get a quick sweat in rather than forcing your body to work when it isn’t all that into it. To me, that just feels like a total waste of time.  Workout when your body performs best.

2. Talk to a trainer.

Hear me out. I know trainers are super expensive, so here’s how I go about this:  I was in such a slump with my workouts, and wasn’t sure how to properly target all of my “problem areas.” (Pinterest workouts are so overwhelming and counter-intuitive!) I didn’t know how much of “this” I should be doing, or when I should be doing “this.” I also wanted to figure out a good nutrition plan. I eat pretty well (I have cheat days and a sweet tooth!) but I also wanted to get some tricks up my sleeve for those days I’m on the go, and to find out the best kinds of foods for me to be eating with regards to the kinds of workouts I’ve been doing. So you can see I needed some guidance.  Our gym is filled with trainers, so I reached out to a woman there to give me some tips. Our consultation was free, and she had me fill out a questionnaire. From there, we talked about what I wanted to work on, what I eat in a day, what I like and don’t like to do in my workouts, etc.  Our next session, I pay her, but it’s where I get my nutrition list (things to eat to help me get to my goals) and also productive workouts to do (think strength training and HIIT workouts – high intensity interval training) So with just 2 sessions (1 complimentary, 1 paid) I now have a game plan that can take me far.

The thing to remember as well is that if you work out at a gym, trainers are willing to help. I’ll always feel comfortable walking up to any trainer and saying, “hey, so this doesn’t seem to be working for me — do you have any another exercise I could try?” and you should, too! That’s what they’re there for. To assist and offer suggestions where you may need them.  They don’t charge for this, so take advantage.

3. Do what works for you in the kitchen. 

I hate meal prepping with a passion. It’s not how I want to spend my Sunday, and while I’m pretty Type-A, I’m a grazer and don’t really like to plan out my meals. I’ve tried this method before, and both times so much food went wasted (and time!) since on Wednesday, I didn’t want what I had originally prepped. I’m a spontaneous craver. I really don’t know what I want until I want it. So with that being said, I think it’s crucial to DO WHAT FEELS GOOD TO YOU in the kitchen.  If meal planning is your jam – that’s amazing! Grill 4 chicken breasts instead of 2 at dinner time, and stick them in the fridge for lunch that week.  Cut up and wash your veggies and be done with it. But if you’e like me and a bit more “on a whim” – stock your fridge and pantry with healthy staples  (for me this is SO MANY avocados, frozen berries for smoothies, butter lettuce for salads, and salsa for a snack (and to put on top of EVERYTHING), hard boiled eggs (with hot sauce) and chocolate almond milk for when that sweet tooth hits)

Remember: throw away the crap. “Out of sight, out of mind” really does work.

4. Dress for success.

I’m for sure that girl that’s wearing make up to the gym. My hair isn’t  falling out before I’ve even started my work out, I don’t look like I just rolled out of bed, and I’ve picked out my workout clothes intentionally. My shoes usually match my pants, my pants match my shirt, and yes.. sometimes my stud earrings even go with my workout outfit. (my old trainer used to find this incredibly fascinating) I do this for one reason and one reason only: it makes me feel good, it makes me work out harder. You know when you’re shopping and you’re having a “fat day” or you hair looks horrible and greasy and you’re just all around “blah?”  I doubt you want to go into the fitting room and try on a bunch of cute clothes, right?  Working out and looking all out of whack is the same sort of feeling for me. I feel poorly about myself before I’ve even begun my workouts, an this is a total lose/lose situation for me.  Now I’m not saying I pull out all the stops and curl my hair, apply eyeliner and a red lip. Not even close ;) But my 5 minute face is present, and I’ve got combed through hair in a pony. I feel good both externally and internally, and to me, this is so important.

5. Praise other women.

Whenever I go to the gym, I praise other women in my head.  I usually do a crowd search just to see who I’m “working out with” and also because I’m observant by nature. But other women and their workouts/bodies inspire me and it actually helps to motivate me. This is why working out at home never, ever works for me personally. I need to be surrounded by other people with like-minded goals.  The other day, there was this girl at the gym and she was gorgeous. Such a pretty face, and her body was in amazing shape. We were both on the treadmills doing interval spirits and as I started getting tired and feeling a bit defeated I thought, “She can do this, so I can do this.”  I’m not comparing myself to her, instead I’m using her discipline to motivate myself towards my goals. Healthy, empowering and positive. Try it. Not only does it work, it’s a really lovely practice to get in the habit of. Praising other women rather than tearing them down, or tearing yourself down to be more like them.

fitness routines


Unconventional Tips for Getting Back into Your Fitness Routine, and Staying There - Cassandra Photo



  1. February 10, 2016 / 3:17 PM

    I love these tips!! So true about the cute clothes one. In college I just worked out in old high school track shorts and baggy t-shirts, and then I discovered cute workout clothes and it made me so much more motivated to go to the gym. Who is motivated to work out when they’re dressed like a schleppy high schooler?

  2. Cassandra
    February 10, 2016 / 6:57 PM

    Thanks babe! :) I couldn’t agree more. It makes such a huge difference! Plus, just like the airport — you never know when you need to network! ;)

  3. Jessie Kleino Adamczyk
    February 10, 2016 / 10:18 PM

    Ask Annette, I’ve been an avid, regular exerciser since my teenage years. The weird trick that works for me is that I won’t shower unless I’ve worked out. I work in a professional setting, so that means I need to shower, aka, I don’t miss my workouts!

    In an emergency situation, doing a quick set of pushups, planks, etc qualifies me to be able to shower, but I strive for 60 mins of sweat!


  4. February 14, 2016 / 11:16 PM

    Oh my gosh wait. That is amazing!!! I love this.

  5. February 18, 2016 / 12:50 AM

    It’s so true!!! Old Navy is a god send for cute workout clothes by the way ;)

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