If it all went away, what then?

If It All Went Away, What Then? Social Media vs Self Worth • The Calm Collective

I woke up with this thought:

What if all of this went away? Your Instagram feed, your photos, your followers, your blog content – all of the things that we’ve invested our time in.. just, gone?

Would it devastate you? Throw you into a tizzy? 

Or would it give you permission to view your life in a whole new lens?

I love showing up and writing to you all each week. And let me state that I hardly make a dime from The Calm Collective. In full transparency, the only money that I do make is from affiliate links when I share things I personally love and value, and the occasional advising clients that I work with. 

I say this to tell you that this right here is a passion – it isn’t my job. And I think sometimes (a lot of times), I forget that. 

I forget that my blog is merely an outlet of what I want to share with the world. My story, my view on life, the tips that have worked for me throughout my trials and tribulations through grief and growth and upsets.

Because the truth of the matter is that my message is inside me regardless of whether or not it’s on the blog, or documented in my captions on Instagram at whatever hour the “Instagram algorithm says will work best for me not that given day.” (insert eye-roll here)

My message, and yours too, will forever be shared regardless if internet were to shut down tomorrow – because it’s what’s authentic and most important to me; to always be self aware, to help those around me feel held and understood, to talk about the things that are taboo and bring forth shame and all of the shadowy bits. Whether it’s with complete strangers or with the closest of friends, our ability to communicate, shake things up, create change and hold space for one another goes far beyond the screen in front of us.

If It All Went Away, What Then? Social Media vs Self Worth • The Calm Collective

So, take a moment and ask yourself this one last question: 

What really matters to you?

Since I’m asking you, it’s only fair that I answer. When I ask myself what really matters, it’s this:

Connection with humans.

Whether they’re my humans, or my human’s humans. Connecting is what matters most to me. And we’d be remised if we let ourselves believe that the only place we can do that is on the internet. 

So the next time you’re feeling down and out about how many followers you’ve lost or gained, or you’re feeling pressure to get that blog post out or that you’re feeling less than because the comparison game is getting the best of you – I hope you remember that in 30, 40, 50 years from now… none of that will matter.

What will be of consideration, I promise you this, is what matters most to you, to your insides – your Soul – and that you listened.

What will matter is the connection you had with your humans and the impact you had on others. How you made them feel and what you inspired them to do next.

Not the number of “likes” on your latest post.

Of that much, I’m certain.

If you’re interested in further guidance on how to connect on a deeper level with your intuition, let me know by clicking the button below. I would love to work with you on this through 1:1 advising sessions. x

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