5 Tips To Keep Your Office Space Inspiring & Organized

5 Ways to Keep Your Office Inspiring and Organized - The Calm Collective

Having a clean and organized work space is one of the best pieces of advice I can give anyone who’s a) working from home, or b) is having trouble concentrating.  Making these smallest changes whether you’re in a cubicle, your dining room table or in your own private office will make such an impact – they did for me! I’m super organized by nature, but sometimes to a fault. I can organize things into oblivion and come to realize that it’s completely dysfunctional for my office setting and what I’m doing day in and day out, so I’ve come to learn that simply setting up my environment the way I want it and keeping all of the things I need day in and day out accessible – goes such a long way. Also, giving everything a home.  I promise you, implementing these 5 tricks will change the way you see your work space for good, and hopefully inspire you a little to create and love your job a little bit more.

  1. Light a candle with a relaxing scent. For me, that’s anything with amber or sandalwood tones.  This one is my favorite.
  2. Any files that can be scanned and kept online, do that. The less clutter, the better.
  3. Hang things on your walls that spark creativity &/or joy.  For me, this is two separate photos of some of my closest girlfriends, a large print of my dad and I from when I’m a baby, and a framed piece of art that displays all different kinds of camera models.  I’ve recently been flirting with the idea of making a large vision board as well.
  4. Get desk drawer organizers. So simple, but it’s such a game changer.
  5. Have an accessible calendar and color-code it based on events.  I use my iCal which uploads to my laptop, Desktop and my cell phone.


GREEN = upcoming blog posts

PINK = personal events

ORANGE = shoots + meetings

YELLOW = bills

BLUE = travel

PURPLE = birthdays
iCal Color Coding - The Calm Collective

How To Keep Your Office Inspiring and Organized - The Calm Collective






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