Jasper Does CBD (Wait, what?)

fluffy dog with tongue out

Hello friends! How’s everyone feeling? Happy, healthy? Worn out, a bit exhausted?

I’m a mixture of the two if I’m being honest. Now that the weather is warm here in Chicago (finally!), photography is starting to take off again with families booking their spring and summer sessions, and I’ve been super busy with some other photography projects that are taking up some time (which is a GREAT thing!)

The short version is that I’m starting to do a lot more real estate photography in addition to photographing families, boudoir and destination weddings, and I’ve also created a portfolio for product, food and brand development projects. It was SUCH a labor of love, and took me about a straight month (working on it every day) to complete, but I’m really proud of it and can’t wait to see how that all unfolds! 

What else… the podcast is still going strong and I’ve released a few really amazing interviews! Just in case they’ve escaped you, you can listen to them here on iTunes or over here on Spotifiy. I’ve also added yoga to my weekly routine in addition to going to Pure Barre just about every day, and I’m loving it. While I’ve been going to Candlelight Mindful Vinyasa with Reiki in the evenings, I’m mostly focusing on my practice within Kundalini Yoga. I really, really resonated with this practice when I tried it for the first time (so much so that I completely sobbed by the end.. yep — I’ll be sharing more about my experience over on the podcast), and it’s been the perfect mind/body connection that I feel like I’ve been searching for. 

The other cool part is that I’m trying to not really drink during the week — and while that’s not a hard task, its just easy to fall back into old patterns of having a glass of wine while I cook dinner, or its 6pm and I’m editing so I’ll just have a little vino.. you get it. But with these evening yoga classes, because they’re so intense, when I get home I just… do not want alcohol. So that’s been an awesome side-effect as well. 

Anyway, lets jump into today’s post because it’s a VITAL one!

For those of you who have pets (maybe a super active pet like Jasper?!) this is for you, and this post will change the game entirely. 

Aktive CBD Oil Pet Food Spray on cloth linen napkin

Not too long ago, my friend Lauren who works for this awesome CBD company called Aktive, sent over some goodies for Jasper because she’s just the best and knows that he’s… how shall we say… a bit hyper and anxious? Ha! It’s not that he doesn’t know how to relax.. he’s actually at my feet while I’m typing this out on my patio right now, just minding his own business and chewing on a bone. Life is good. But he has his moments.. and sometimes even his days.. where he’s a bit unhinged. Almost like his mind is filling itself with irrational fears (like if I walk into my bedroom, will I ever come back?!)  I have to imagine that some of you are majorly nodding your head in agreement here…

Well, in this little goody bag was this AMAZING CBD Pet Food spray made for animals.

In case you’re unfamiliar, pets react to CBD the exact same way that humans do! They have an nervous system just like us, so CBD helps to calm and stabilize that system. It also helps with join support, so that’s a bonus. 

There there are two reasons that I’m in love with this spray, and why I will continue buying it for Jasper for as long as possible:

1. Jasper isn’t a big eater.

It’s actually concerning sometimes because he can go 2 full days without a single bite of food. He’ll drink water (thankfully), but food.. not interested. I’ve brought him to a behavioral specialist and talk about it with his vet on occasion, and they generally say that it’s due to his anxiety, and that he’s a healthy weight so they’re not concerned. But I’d still like my little doodle to eat. You know?  Well, the second I’m spraying this on his food — he INHALES it. I have to believe because this company is super smart and they made it bacon flavored.. haha. I can hardly get the 7th spray on there (that’s the serving size) before his mouth is inside the bowl! It’s awesome, and I really think that having a full, satisfied belly helps both his anxiety and mine that he isn’t eating.. haha

2. It chills him out.

After he’s finished his food.. usually about 30-45 minutes, he’s just so much more relaxed. I don’t know how else to explain it. Something as simple as when I sneeze, he doesn’t vault across the room because it just scared I’m so bad. (eye roll). He just looks at me with the head tilt. Instead of being my shadow and being attached to my ankles, he’ll just watch me from across the room and let me do my thing. Instead of leaping out of bed at the first sign of movement from me, he slowly walks up to where my head is as snuggles me instead until I ask if he’s ready to go outside.  The little things that add up to great big things. 

Because the bottom line is that I want this pup-baby of mine to live forever.

spraying CBD pet food spray on dog food in kitchen

And since I know that isn’t possible (yet… come on science), I want him to at the very least live the best, most calm, fun-loving life that he can. He’s the perfect species in my opinion — and so undeserving of living amongst any kind of discomfort. I just don’t want that for him. And while it may seem silly to say that a CBD spray is making all of that possible.. it’s just the truth. 

Lastly, I want to say that this isn’t a sponsored post.

As I mentioned earlier, my friend Lauren sent me some things for Jasper (and some for myself which I’ll talk about at a later date!) because she knows he has anxiety, and she knows I love CBD (it’s true.. big fan) So this isn’t earning me any money by sharing this with you guys. I did however ask if she could get me a discount code for you guys to use, if any of you have pets that you think would benefit from this. As I said, pets are just.. perfect. They deserve to feel good 100% of the time. No stress, just love. I want that. for Jasper, and I want that for your fur-baby as well. 

So you can go to their site, grab the CBD Pet Food spray (or whatever else catches your eye.. their sleep spray (for humans) is another serious favorite that I’ll be talking about on the blog soon) and use the code CALM10 at checkout.

PS: in case you need a laugh.. here’s Jasper behind the scenes modeling with his pet spray. Just a day in the life.

fluffy dog sitting at table modeling for a pet product

All the love to you (and your pet) – x

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