Last Minute Holiday Shopping With Amazon Prime

2017 Last Minute Holiday Shopping Gift Guide with Amazon Prime - The Calm Collective

Hello, lovelies and happy Thursday! I don’t usually post today but something completely out of the ordinary happened this year and I’m BEHIND on my Christmas shopping. That truly never happens (I talked about that over here), but this holiday season was a little different than most. We just got back from spending two weeks in Thailand, so while I’m generally at home getting in the holiday spirit and getting all of my gifts organized and wrapped, this year I was on the other side of the world. So, I’m paying for it now by getting all of my last minute shopping done, and its one of those days where I’m SO THANKFUL for Amazon Prime.

Now, just to note, this is in no way a sponsored post! I just got to thinking that if I was falling behind on my shopping, perhaps some of you were, too.  Therefore I wanted to help a sister out (or a brother, if any of my male demographic is reading today!) and provide you guys with some thoughtful gifts that are guaranteed to arrive in time for Christmas.  The bonus? They’re all under $100.

I won’t keep you any longer considering if you’re here and you’re about to dive in, it means you’ve got some work to do! I’m right there with you, so happy shopping! PS: the * next to the item means that I have it personally, it’s on my wish list or I’ve purchased it for someone on my list this year!

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Your last minute holiday shopping gift guide with Amazon Prime 

2017 Last Minute Holiday Shopping Gift Guide with Amazon Prime - The Calm Collective

  1. Amazon Kindle Paperwhite * I have this
  2. Nest Classic Bamboo Candle
  3. Kinfolk Entrepreneur Coffee Table Book * Chris has this – it’s amazing
  4. Travel Mug
  5. Persian Garden Perfume Oil * I use this every day & get so many compliments!
  6. Locator Tiles (the perfect stocking stuffer for anyone on your list)
  7. Minimalist Laptop case * on my wish list
  8. NOW Diffuser * I have this and use it every day
  9. Brickell’s Men’s Face Cream * I gave this to Chris for his birthday and he loves it. Smells so good!
  10. The perfect wallet * I have this in black and it’s the best wallet I’ve ever owned (also great for traveling) I’m also gifting it to some people on my list this year!
  11. Marble Laptop Hardcase
  12. Half Baked Harvest Cookbook * this is on my wish list!
  13. Sleek Nespresso Machine
  14. Field Notes notepad (3 per pack) * the perfect stocking stuffer
  15. Ulio & Jack solid cologne * Chris wears Explorer and I’m quite honestly, obsessed. Ladies, you want your man wearing this. (perfect stocking stuffer)
  16. Electric wine opener
  17. Leather cord organizer
  18. Makeup brush set * I have this! A great stocking stuffer 
  19. Amazon Fire Stick
  20. In The Company of Women coffee table book * I have this and love it so much. Read it cover to cover in one sitting!
  21. Soda Stream

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