The Art of Mindful Speaking: Learning to Speak with Purpose

Mindful Speaking - The Calm Collective

Before we dive in to today’s post, I want to take a second and just let my guard down, and tell you all something super freeing the happened to me this week.  While sitting on the couch brainstorming content for the upcoming month, I started to panic. “I have no photos for my posts – I can’t publish anything if I don’t have the photos!” Mind you, when I’m saying this to myself, I’m thinking top notch, professional photos. All out. The whole she-bang. This is my other part time profession, so for as long as I can remember its been an intricate part of this brand.  Which I love, but then I had a lightbulb moment.

This brand — it’s about the message, not the photos.

Do clean, beautiful images help? Of course! And they’re still a priority. But there is absolutely no reason for me to not write to you guys when I have something to say, simply because there isn’t a high resolution image to go alongside it.  I just wish I would have had that epiphany months ago, ha. I love showing up here for you all, and for myself, so here and there you may see an iPhone photo (like today!) — and now, I hope it makes you smile when you do ;)

On to today’s post..

I’ve been paying super close attention to the way I’ve been speaking lately, and I realized I sound super unsure a lot of the time – even when I’m not. Do you know what I mean? Do you do the same thing?

When I was photographing clients back in Chicago, I would always catch myself giving them instruction and saying “kind of” — so for example, “okay so can you kind of turn to the left and look at me… kind of?” WHAT? How confusing is that. It made me sound so unsure and lacking of self confidence in my work, which I wasn’t.

So why was I doing it?
Why am I STILL doing it?

These days, it’s more like me pausing at weird times, or saying things like “I guess” instead of “yes” or “no”. It might seem like such a small thing, but in reality, our words and our action are all we have. When I speak, I want to speak with love and conviction. My thoughts are so crystal clear majority of the time, which is a huge bonus that comes with practicing mindfulness. I’m acutely aware of my emotions, where they’re coming from and why — but the minute I go to deliver them out loud, I stumble.

Want to know the really weird part? The Podcast isn’t like that. I’m talking aloud and the words are flowing. They’re mine, their genuine, they’re real, and they’re sure. No stumbling, maybe a few “um” drops here and there ;) but for the most part — it feels connected to my insides.

It’s only when I chat with someone in person that the stumbles show up. The swishing around. The “maybe, maybe not” mentality.

Perhaps this is the human condition, but it’s something I’ve been working on and writing about constantly. and plan on putting energy into until I’ve got a grip on clear, loving and fiercely mindful speaking. It’s such a powerful tool for every single one of us to have a handle on — both in our personal lives and in our work. Being able to ask for what we want, to speak what we believe, to say what we mean and mean what we say, to speak with love (always) and strength (always), in a clear and connected way — dare I say if we all work on this, we could change the world?

Lets do it together. x

PS: The Mindful Memos are back in stock (yay) & Episode 05 of the podcast is live!