Why I Cut My Beauty Products In Half

Why I Cut My Beauty Products In Half - The Calm Collective
I’ve talked about beauty products and relished in them for so long. I’ve coveted almost every single thing ever blogger has ever posted, and guess what? I’ve probably bought it, too.  Problematic to say the least — both for my bank account, my skin, and my subconscious. Always operating from a place of “well they like it, so I’ll like it too” or “that branding is on point, that would look so good in my bathroom.” (true story)

Ridiculous, right?

Dear God I hope I’m not alone here.

And then I woke up. I’ve talked about it here and here, my journey towards working inward to get to the root of my essence and my authentic self, and with that comes a LOT of clarity. Once you commit to doing the work, you also commit to having a zero BS tolerance. Your intuition is harsh, if you’re willing to listen — and to be honest, I freaking love it.  Gone are the days where I see an advertisement and think “I want that in the worst way”, or see a blogger post a new mascara that apparently makes your lashes look longer and think “well then I need that in my cart ASAP”.  Instead, I quite literally say to myself  “that’s pretty, but I don’t need it”, or I just don’t even have an emotion towards it.  It’s so strange and clearly a little hard to explain (are you still reading? haha), but it’s like that part of my brain just shut off — my self worth got higher, and so my temptations. and need for validation through things got so much smaller… dare I say, non existent.

I love it here.

As this new way of thinking started to take place, I was becoming so much more mindful of the things I was using on a daily basis. I remember opening up my “skin care” drawer in my bathroom and thinking, “why do I have these things and when they heck did I accumulate them?”  While to many (and from what I’ve seen on some ‘whats in your vanity’ posts around the web) my skin care line is already quite minimal — but to me, it all felt superficial.

I didn’t buy it because I wanted it, I bought it because I thought I should have it.

Why I Cut My Beauty Products In Half - The Calm Collective

(and if I’m being totally transparent, sometimes I’d even buy something because I thought it would make for a pretty Instagram photo. BUSTED.)

Little by little, I started setting products aside that didn’t make sense to me, or were clearly an impulse purchase rooted in validation.  They would go to friends and family to have instead, should they want them, and open up space for the few things that I actually valued putting on my skin every morning and night. I paid attention to the. texture,  to the smells, to the outcome.

Is it enjoyable for me to apply this? (aka is it burning 10 layers of my skin off?)
Is it relaxing? 
What does it feel like? Is it nourishing?
Does it smell good? Is it something that I’d want Chris to cuddle up to? Is it something. that I myself want to cuddle up to?

When I went through this pattern, I realized that I was down to 5 core things.

+ My face wash 

+ This face oil

+ This eye gel

+ This sleep cream (every other night)

+ This clay mask

That’s it. Before, I would literally stare into my skin care drawer like I was looking down into the black sea. I knew a lot of things were there, but I couldn’t really make out anything. There was too much to focus on.  Once I cut out the things that I had never connected with in the first place, I ended up with 5 things that I LOVE — regardless if anyone else is using it.

If you can wake up and look forward to your skin care routine, and prepare for bed and relish in the yummy smelling products that you’re using — then you, my love, are living in your alignment. That’s worth celebrating.


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